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Justin Bieber punched an overzealous fan in the face in Barcelona on Tuesday after the man stuck his hand in the window of Bieber's car.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Bieber is seen arriving for his show at the Palau Sant Jordi stadium when the man ran up to the car and stuck his arm in. The fan, whose name has not been released, ran alongside the car with his arm inside until Bieber punched him in the mouth.

The man ran back to his friends with a bloody lip, in apparent shock over the altercation.

Bieber has faced criticism while on his Purpose world tour, most recently for walking off stage in England after asking fans to stop screaming.

I think those "fans" were actually screaming, "Please stop! Our ears can't take this torture!"

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Leah Remini on Scientology documentary: 'I can't sit back'
On Wednesday's Ellen, Leah Remini explained to Ellen DeGeneres why she "can't sit back" and do nothing to help the people who speak out against Scientology.

Her upcoming A&E docu-series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath takes an in-depth look at the lives of other former members of the Church of Scientology, which Remini famously left in 2013.

"It's bold and brave and amazing," DeGeneres said about the series' first episode.

"That's what made me want to do the series," Remini said. "A&E is very brave to do it. And the people who are speaking are very brave to do it because the repercussions to speaking out [are severe]. And that's why I said, 'OK, I can't sit back.'"

Remini has been vocal about the inner workings of the church, and released a book in 2015 about her 30 years in Scientology.

"I was watching high executives, former executives of the church leaving and speaking out about abuses and things that they've experienced while working for the church, and I saw how the church reacted," Remini told DeGeneres. "I felt I had a responsibility to say, 'I'm not going to allow you to bully these people who were very brave to come out and tell their stories.' And that from executives. But there are average parishioners like me who leave and speak out about what they've experienced. They lose their family. The church goes after their family to shun their family. I'm very lucky that didn't happen to me. My family chose me."

"I never knew I could be so in love! Lyla James is here and our life has changed for the better!! #babylambton #itsagirl #soinlovewithher."
--Bachelor star Peyton Lambton posted after welcomed her first child with husband Chris.

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Best in Show' star has been cast as Dr. Smith in Netflix's upcoming 'Lost in Space' reboot?

Martin Sheen says his son convinced him to play Matthew in 'Anne of Green Gables'
Screen icon Martin Sheen credits his son Ramon Estevez for persuading him to play Matthew Cuthbert in the new TV movie Anne of Green Gables.

"He said: 'Look, Pop, you don't have to kill anybody. You don't have to curse anybody. You don't have to raise your voice. You can play very close to yourself and you can bring this character to life and have a lot of fun doing it. You love Canada and you love the Canadians, so why not go up there and have at it?'" Sheen told UPI in New York recently about the conversation he had with Ramon, who runs Estevez Sheen Productions. "Finally, I read the script and I said, 'Why were you so long keeping this from me?' ... I'm grateful to him."

The 76-year-old actor -- who is also the father of actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, and actress Renee Estevez -- said he is delighted families will be able to enjoy Anne of Green Gables together when it premieres in the United States on PBS Thanksgiving Thursday.

Noting how it is appropriate for viewers of all ages in its "language and content and adventure," Sheen added: "But it also touches that spirit of community that we all long for and that is so lost in our culture where we are accountable to one another, that we have to go out of our way in order to serve others.

"But that is how we are best served. We serve ourselves best when we serve others first and here you have this old couple. The basic story is this ancient [sibling] couple who have lived these bachelor lives and they've grown used to it and they've sort of embraced that it's not going to get any better and they are just waiting to die, in a way. And just hang on with each other and, suddenly, their lives are turned upside-down and backwards and forward by this firebrand of imagination and energy and she sparks in them all the things that they had forgotten," he explained. "They begin to see themselves differently, each other differently, their community differently and they have had their lives changed by this child and that it wasn't too late."

Based on the novel by L.M. Montgomery, the film co-stars Ella Ballentine and Sara Botsford.

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Best in Show' star has been cast as Dr. Smith in Netflix's upcoming 'Lost in Space' reboot?

Parker Posey has signed on to star in Netflix's upcoming reboot of the classic sci-fi series, Lost in Space.

According to Deadline, Posey will be taking on the role of Dr. Smith, who was originally portrayed by Jonathan Harris in the television series and then by Gary Oldman in the 1998 film adaptation.

Netflix's take will borrow from the original CBS series, which ran for 83 episodes from 1965 to 1968 and follows the Robinson family, stranded in space light years away from their intended destination.

Notably, Dr. Smith is responsible for getting the Robinsons and their crew stranded and was presented as a villain early on in the show before being toned down and made into a more light-hearted character.

Posey joins a cast that includes Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson and child actor Max Jenkins as Will Robinson.

This is the second Netflix project for Posey. She appeared in the streaming network's comedy film Mascots that premiered on Oct. 13.

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