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Is she the one?
Should I propose?
Equipment is equipment
You talkin' to me?
Justice is blind
Is beer good?
Brevity is the soul of wit
Mostly, keep quiet
Easy as Pi
I don't get this joke
Just say no
You're nothin' without me
When I'm gone
Wife or dog test
Men's advice column
Mistaken identity
Looks ain't everything
An old friend
Ants are busy
Wedding night
Accuracy is importanto
I may as well
Can't make that mistake
That's admirable
Mistaken identity
Self control
Our education system
A good purchase
A coyote problem
Should have yelled Fore!
New logo for the government
Dad's cooking tonight
Gender roles
Happy life for men
A little too drunk
What are the odds?
Liar! Liar!
Please, no surprise parties
Stale marriage?
The tax man goeth
What wheelie happened?
The rabbit died
Quality time
When I'm gone
Let me help you
We live in our minds
I know something you don't
I can help you
Don't ask
I'll take that deal