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The best part of a company picnic.
The problem with diagnosing yourself.
How to know if she's really faking it.
What to do when your wife starts having THOSE fantasies.
The advantages of having a hot cleaning lady.
I definitely got lucky this weekend.
The perfect opportunity to experiment on my wife.
The best way to prevent a summer cold.
A spiritual experience we can all enjoy.
Holidays are the perfect opportunity to avoid the family.
It's hard keeping a neatly trimmed bush.
One thing you won't have to worry about being middle aged.
Oddly enough, that was my nickname in college.
What the heII you doing in the bathroom day and night?
My old dad; the things he used to say to me.
I swear, somebody's head is going in a toilet.
It's amazing the smells you get used to.
The games married couples play.
It doesn't burn as much calories, but it's more fun than walking.
Women always cost you something.
Another unexpected benefit of grilling out.
A garage sale is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
TZ's killer beer brat recipe.
The best part about spring weather.
The clothes don't always make the man.
My wife creates problems, I solve them.
I must be part Mexican.
Free speech ain't free.
Me too.
Does Jesus eat bacon?
It ain't easy getting older.
Palm Sunday.
What we need are some Polish Jews.
You can call me a voyeur if you want.
The real reason men are unhappy in relationships.
The 'sweet spot' for happiness.
I like to play 'Up To The Balls'.
A fun little tool your wife with love, that's not a vibrator.
Have you ever had a brain 0rgazm?
Mo Daylight, Mo Problems.
A growing trend among certain 'awakened' women.
Giving it to Charity. Good.
'How's your mom?'
Some people don't know what it's like to live in the real world.
I always had a sneaking suspicion I was straight.
Smile and the world smiles with you.
Don't overlook the benefits of a little violence.
Valentine's Day tips from the Love Dr. TZ.
Getting things steamy with my wife.