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You have to know how to talk to people.
Joie de vivre.
To girls who m@sturba+e:
I am not cut out for retail.
How vegetables can move a man.
You know what p!sses me off?
Who thought midday shopping could be so much fun?
It's all part of my *ock and **lls fantasy?
Creative finance.
One of the advantages of being married.
I don't want to cuddle with anything I'm prepared to eat.
The lesser of two evils?
Oh, the things I'd do to a papaya.
If the goal isn't an 0rga$m, what's the point?
A bit of fun, Chicago trivia.
I like my coffee like I like my women.
Racism, corruption, greed and Polish sausages.
Living in the past it makes it impossible to look toward the future.
This is what frustrated men have been waiting for.
The Leprechaun has got to go.
Psychosis may be a prerequisite for parenthood.
Men cannot get pregnant? Oh, really?
The readers respond in the usual fashion.
The first time Seattle has ever been a fun place to visit.
A gentleman always offers a helping hand.
A so-called 'fact' about women's br_@sts I'm not so sure about.
Sometimes it sucks being on the wagon.
Why do Millennials hate making babies?
Joie de vivre.
Eat me like the last supper.
I got in trouble with my wife again.
The Wuhan hypocrisy.
It's not easy seducing my wife.
Too much information.
The 'sweet spot' for happiness.
Give the audience what they want.
It's getting better all the time.
This is either brilliant... or complete bu11sh!t.
The best way to distract a woman.
Trust me. I'm a beef guy.
When things are bad you have to look at the bright side.
Why you should never let your girlfriend know you're married.
I think brave women are hot.
The one way you CAN'T get the Coronavirus.
If only I could get a sanitizer to work on my sense of humor.
Ignorance is no defense.
Is DST really worth it? Probably not.
Apparently I'm on the razor's edge of blowing a fuse.
You can't appropriate my culture if I don't have any.
I'm all for believing women, but...