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The wilds of Michigan.
I have a big bush.
Defensive driving.
I feel emasculated.
We only have 116 days.
Deciding to buy is one thing. Actually buying is another.
It's been 17 years since I bought a car.
I had one heck of a weekend.
Another good reason to stay home.
Easy come, easy go.
That's how you blow a weekend.
I like my peppers like I like my women.
Things I never learned in high school.
A strong back and a weak mind.
The only way my wife will eat onions.
To beer or not to beer?
Home sick.
Apparently this was the WRONG thing to say at a bridal shower.
The joke's on you.
No wonder why it's so hard to get a day off.
This is what is called bedside manner.
The Grace of the Grill
Too Many Chips
Always bet on a sure thing.
Prioritizing spending.
St. Patrick's Day vs. Oktoberfest.
My lifestyle has finally caught up with me.
'Who's Frank?'
Amateur night.
The last thing you want to face empty handed.
What the heck happened over the weekend?
Fridays or Mondays?
I did not throw up in a torpedo tube.
That's One Bad Joke
2023 Brewsology Fest
Welcome Groaners, Bizarros and Laff lovers!
TZ says goodbye.
What have the Romans ever given us?
If you believe this you'll believe anything.
V and A.
I've heard worse excuses to start drinking.
We all know what 'D' is for.
Would'a, could'a, should'a.
When the past looks better than the future.
Butting in where I don't belong.
It's not all bad news.
I like my coffee like I like my women.
It's gym membership advertising season.
Silver and gold.