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'Who's Frank?'
Amateur night.
The last thing you want to face empty handed.
What the heck happened over the weekend?
Fridays or Mondays?
I did not throw up in a torpedo tube.
That's One Bad Joke
2023 Brewsology Fest
Welcome Groaners, Bizarros and Laff lovers!
TZ says goodbye.
What have the Romans ever given us?
If you believe this you'll believe anything.
V and A.
I've heard worse excuses to start drinking.
We all know what 'D' is for.
Would'a, could'a, should'a.
When the past looks better than the future.
Butting in where I don't belong.
It's not all bad news.
I like my coffee like I like my women.
It's gym membership advertising season.
Silver and gold.
Thank you Jesus.
Snowpocalypse my foot.
She's a Barbie girl in a racist world.
The secret to a long life.
You can't please everyone all the time.
Sexua1 harassment and prevention.
Some people just don't have a sense of humor.
The ultimate leftover sandwich.
Ladies, don't do your man ugly during the holidays.
Which requires more responsibility; raising a child or a dog?
I feel like a freaking vampire.
A serious breakdown in the 'system'.
The difference a year makes.
No sh!+?
Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.
I still don't know how to keep my mouth shut.
A zucchini may not be a fair comparison.
It's hard to argue with a winner.
The most dangerous seks position.
The password to my heart.
Living your best life.
Fun with immigration and history.
The Devil's Doorbell
Fall has it's own charms
Grilling and toxic masculinity.
The benefits of shopping in the middle of the day.
It's good to be the king.
Revenge of the Amish.