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Goat yoga.
There is something very feminine about a peach.
Just when you think you know Marzee from The Daily Recipe.
A faithful reader contributes a gem.
Sometimes a great punchline takes patience and sacrifice.
All dads wrestle with the babysitter.
This is going to revolutionize d!*k pics.
I love tacos.
I'm glad these little emergencies are being handled by such capable hands.
I have been grillin' like a villain.
Putting those uppity 'doctors' in their place.
The Supreme Court has done it again.
Nobody is considering this when debating gun control.
What kind of Orwellian, double-talk is this?
Clothes pins, candle wax and finger paints.
The breakfast of the discontented.
The reason I miss the Clinton administration.
I think I've found my retirement plan.
The big Memorial Day plans.
My condolences.
When is a dirty joke not dirty?
Yeah, THAT'S gonna happen.
There are some things even I won't stoop to.
Live to fight another day.
Attica! Attica!
Putting the 'social' back in social media.
What rhymes with Paulina?
This is age discrimination, and it's ugly.
Now it all makes sense.
The wrong way to size a wedding ring.
If it works for goats...
The Sports Bra
Finally, the real face of America.
Down in the pants.
It hurts to get left out.
Spring this.
This sounds like a great retirement to me.
Fighting racism with racism.
What an exhausting weekend!
Truer words were never spoken.
Syntax or sin tax?
My faith in humanity is shaken.
When being romantical backfires.
An anniversary to forget.
The secret to living a more contented life.
It's a dead heat in the zeppelin race.
Defending the person person.
Song of Hiawatha
The Sandmann casheth in.