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Fighting discrimination in the entertainment industry.
Cold feet mean a warm heart.
Is she faking? Wouldn't you like to know.
The worst example of racism we still face today.
It really is possible to have too much of a good thing.
The ONE thing a teenager wants more than booze.
I should have been a chiropractor.
Sometimes a 'woof' is just a 'woof'.
Let me tell you why I love my wife.
Say hello to Tina.
Eventually it all comes back around.
I think I have Lyme disease.
You're going to get angry when you read this.
Is this the man I want to spend the rest of my life as?
Not even I can screw this up.
Alcohol and 22-year-old dancers aren't everything.
One super power I'm glad I DON'T have.
TZ shows his sensitive side.
How cultural sensitivity is eating sports and how to fix it.
Why every weekend should be a 3-day weekend.
Why it's never a good idea to talk about religion.
Me Too vs. Why Not Me?
Finding the fun in empty nest syndrome.
The best part of a company picnic.
The problem with diagnosing yourself.
How to know if she's really faking it.
What to do when your wife starts having THOSE fantasies.
The advantages of having a hot cleaning lady.
I definitely got lucky this weekend.
The perfect opportunity to experiment on my wife.
The best way to prevent a summer cold.
A spiritual experience we can all enjoy.
Holidays are the perfect opportunity to avoid the family.
It's hard keeping a neatly trimmed bush.
One thing you won't have to worry about being middle aged.
Oddly enough, that was my nickname in college.
What the heII you doing in the bathroom day and night?
My old dad; the things he used to say to me.
I swear, somebody's head is going in a toilet.
It's amazing the smells you get used to.
The games married couples play.
It doesn't burn as much calories, but it's more fun than walking.
Women always cost you something.
Another unexpected benefit of grilling out.
A garage sale is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
TZ's killer beer brat recipe.
The best part about spring weather.
The clothes don't always make the man.
My wife creates problems, I solve them.
I must be part Mexican.