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I'm super excited about some of the stories I have
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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are set to work together again, and there is talks of Fact of Life reboot (yes!). More
information on both below...

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Team Up Again After A Decade

BFF's Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are joining forces again on the big screen for the first time in over a decade...who else is excited besides me?

The duo won the coveted screen rights to the true story about an ex-cop you rigged the bi-annual Mcdonald's Monopoly game in 2001, and their production company will back the project.

Ben will direct the film, while Matt will star as the former police officer.

Reboot of The Facts of Life In The Early Stages

Rumors have it that a Facts of Life Reboot in the early stages at Sony Pictures TV, with Appian Way, the company run by Leonardo DiCaprio, in negotiations to produce alongside Jessica Biel via her Iron Ocean Films.

The sitcom, a spinoff of Different Strokes, aired from 1979-88 on NBC.

Sony TV recently successfully rebooted the Norman Lear classic One Day At A Time, which is heading into its third season on Netflix.

"I truly believed I was done. And yet, after eight years,
here I am with a newborn in my arms.”

— Joanna Gaines, opening up about having her fifth child,
to Magnolia Journal

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Fast and the Furious' star just paid $375
for a stranger's groceries?

What has Neil Patrick Harris Seeing Red?

It's no secret that the real estate industry in Los
Angeles can be a dirty buisness, but a deal-gone-wrong
has Lance Bass, former member of the boy band NSYNC,
seeing red.

Lance says he was used by real estate agent, Douglas Elliman, to drive up the price of the Brady Bunch house.

He states that a corporate buyer, Hollywood studio', wants the house at any price. "I truly believe I was used to drive up the price of the home, knowing very well that this corporation intended on making this offer and it’s not a good feeling. ... I’m hurt and saddened by this highly questionable outcome. I just hope it is not demolished."

The neighborhood around the house has been inundated with deep-pocketed developers who buy and tear down old homes to build bigger, brand-new macmansions.

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko Have Split

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko have ended their relationship, the actress’s mom confirms. The Nashville star, 28, and the 42-year-old Ukrainian former boxer have been together for nine years and share a daughter, 3-year-old Kaya.

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Fast and the Furious' star just paid $375
for a stranger's groceries?

Ludacris...just earned a fan for life!

The Fast and the Furious star paid for a strangers
grocery bill at Whole Foods in Atlanta. He simply
saw someone strugglng and offered to help.

While Ludacris didn’t know it, Jaramillo was at the
store to spend a gift card from a friend helping her
through a particularly tough time: Her hot water
went out just as one of her employers failed to pay
her on time, which added to her stress as a caregiver
and the sole owner of multiple pets, following her
husband’s death from brain cancer several years ago.