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August 2, 2018

HANDS-DOWN best thing I have ever used!

Hello Everyone,

Clean those narrow-necked jars and vases with small gravel
(aquarium gravel works the best). Fill one-third of the jar
with water. Add a handful of gravel, and then stir and shake
the jar. The gravel will scour the inside of the jar clean.
Dump the gravel into a strainer, give it a quick rinse (so
it doesn’t stink!) and save it for next time. You’ll wonder
why you didn’t think of that yourself!

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1: Spot-Clean Bathrooms Nightly

Just as clutter attracts clutter, bathroom funk quickly

Stock every bathroom with Lysol wipes and you can quickly
and easily clean the countertop and toilet when you brush
your teeth or help the kids get ready for bed, Alkhas says.

While wiping, you’ll naturally put away the floss, hair ties,
and other clutter in your path.

Hint 2: Why am I now just learning this awesome tip???

Before you set out to chop up something very finely with
your nice kitchen knife, wipe the blade with a touch of
olive oil. This will help keep the stuff your mincing from
getting stuck to the surface of your knife and getting in
the way.