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Looking Good - August 1, 2018

*-- Foundations That You Need To Avoid --*

With so many makeup products out there, we have a right to be choosy about what we put on our face. Some makeup products are fantastic and are things that we definitely tell all of our friends about, while some other products are just downright horrible and are products that we wouldn't even recommend to our worst enemy. Below are some of the worst foundations that almost any woman will tell you to steer clear from.

KohGenDo Moisture Foundation

What is the point of having a foundation that offers pretty much zero coverage? For whatever reason, this high definition foundation offers low coverage that seems to be lower than any other foundation out on the market. Many women say that if you need to only cover a couple of enlarged pores, then this foundation will do the trick. But if you need any coverage more than that, either be prepared to use a whole lot of concealer and cover up, or choose a different product entirely.

Clinique Soft Finish Foundation

You may be surprised to see Clinique on this list given that this brand does have a fairly good reputation. Clinique does make great skin care products, but when it comes to facial cosmetics, they seem to fall short. The foundation is expensive and also often leaves the skin looking greasier than it naturally is. A lot of these foundation products are a lot heavier and thicker than what you would expect, so many women are left with that caked-on look after applying it. The color is also often "off" for a lot of women, so buyer beware! Definitely get a tester before you invest in a Clinique foundation and see if it both the color and formula works for you.

Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation

There are mixed reviews on this foundation, but one thing has been made abundantly clear: this foundation just doesn't stand the test of time. Some women have reported that this foundation, once applied, comes off within a few hours, some as soon as 2 hours after application. The coverage is very minimal compared to other foundations in its class, and it often leaves the user with a shiny finish to their skin.

The Body Shop Flawless Foundation

The Body Shop brand makes a lot of fantastic quality bath products, but they are falling a bit short in the foundation department. This particular Body Shop foundation is great when first applied, but a user will quickly realize that the foundation seems to have completely evaporated in thin air within a few short hours of applying it. Other women have reported that the foundation seems to just slough off and fall into their pores, making both the foundation look completely obvious on their skin and causing their skin to itch. This foundation should definitely be avoided by anyone who has oily skin.

Covergirl TruBlend Foundation

Covergirl does make some good foundation formulas, especially for the price that you will pay for them, but a lot of women have complained that the TruBlend foundation just doesn't do the trick. It is reportedly very difficult to blend, and as a result will leave streak marks on your skin.


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