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Viewpoint - July 26, 2018

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Sacha Baran Cohen has exposed a major problem in American politics. The problem is simply that our lawmakers are for sale...and they're not even that expensive.

A promise of an award called: "A Friend of Israel" from a TV station in Israel is all it took to get senators and representatives to say that they support arming 4 year old preschoolers with guns to fight terrorists.

Joe Walsh, the former Representative from Illinois, explains what it took for him to endorse arming 4 year old children. But former senator and congressman Trent Lott, congressman Dana Rohrabacher, congressman Joe Wilson and others in areas of influence, also agreed it was a good idea to arm toddlers.

Watch this quick video of Joe Walsh trying to explain how he sells out America to a foreign government.

Watch the Video: Joe Walsh explains how he was pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen


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