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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Greetings Thrifty Friends,

To be perfectly honest, I was a little surprised to learn that people still use dry cleaners regularly. Laundry habits are not something you normally talk about with people, but recently I had an illuminating conversation with the wife of a friend and she told me she sends her husband's shirts and slacks along with a number of her own blouses, skirts, slacks and dresses to the dry cleaners on a weekly basis. I've been in her home many times and I know they have a perfectly functional washer and dryer in a nice, roomy laundry room, so why spend the cash?

Keep pinchin' those pennies,

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I have nothing against dry cleaners. I use them. I have dry cleaned suits, dresses, winter coats, I even had my drapes professionally cleaned, but to spend money on a laundry service as a matter of course seems like squandering to me.

So I did a little research and found some prices.

- Launder & Press Shirt $3.50
- Pants $6.00

That comes to almost $50 per week in shirts and pants alone. That is $2,500 a year. Even if you make a decent living, $2,500 seems like a lot of money just to avoid spending an hour or two in the laundry room every Sunday afternoon.

And remember; many items that you think need to be professionally cleaned can be washed at home by hand, or on the delicate cycle and dried flat.

If you think of it as 'ONLY $3.50 per shirt' it's easy to justify the weekly expense. But imagine if you had to scrape up $2,500 or more in cash at the end of the year and hand it over to your dry cleaner. Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a good bargain anymore.