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We're bringing back the company picnic in a couple of
weeks and I'm really looking forward to it we have such
a fun group and have been together for so long it's
practically a family picnic too. So nice to get out
of our cubicles with the friends and family we don't
like to fuss it up too much just the good old basics
and bring on the sides the possibilities are endless!

I hope we have a beautiful day but we have a roof over
us if it drizzles a little we won't melt and at least
the food stays dry lol.

Speaking of... thought I would send some flavors of
Caribbean cuisine your way with a CARIBBEAN PICNIC PIE
it's got a little spicy comfort food thing going on
with a cool citrus crust. This makes a great vegetarian
option too!


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3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup unbleached white flour
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon each, salt and dried thyme
Zest and juice of one lime
1/4 cup cold water
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium red potato, diced
1 small yam, peeled and diced
1 small yellow onion, diced
1/2 cup shredded carrot
1/4 cup diced red bell pepper
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon each, thyme, ground ginger, black pepper, and
1/4 teaspoon each, ground cayenne pepper, nutmeg, cloves,
and allspice
1 cup chopped packed spinach
1 tablespoon minced sun-dried tomato
2 tablespoons each, soy sauce and red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
Cooking spray

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together flours, sugar, salt,
and thyme. Make a well in the center and add lime zest, juice,
water, and 2 tablespoons oil. Stir with a spoon, then using
your hands, press the dough together into a ball. Transfer
the ball from hand to hand, pressing it until it holds
together well. Gently knead a few times, flatten the ball
into a disc, wrap in plastic and set aside. In a large skillet
over medium heat, saute potato, yam, onion, carrot, bell
pepper, garlic, and spices in 1 tablespoon oil, stirring
frequently, for 10 minutes, or until slightly soft. Stir in
spinach and tomato. In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce,
vinegar, and mustard and add to the skillet. Stir to deglaze
the pan and coat the vegetables with juices. Remove from heat
and set aside. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a pie pan.

Place dough between layers of plastic wrap or wax paper and
roll out into a 13-inch circle; transfer to prepared pan.
Mound filling in the center, leaving a border of dough about
6 inches wide all around. Gather the edges of the dough up and
over the filling, toward the center, pleating and pressing as
you go, to form a deep, flattened pouch-like pie about 7 inches
in diameter with an opening on top about 3 inches across. Bake
for 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until potatoes are tender and
crust is browned.

Yield: 6 Servings
PER SERVING: 257 CAL (27% from fat), 6g PROT, 8g FAT,
44g CARB, 602mg SOD, 0mg CHOL, 7.2g FIBER.
Category: Pie, Main Dishes, Vegetarian, Picnic


*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* MARZEE's CORNER *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


1 small onion, finely chopped, will give you 1/4 cup.
You can peel an onion easily if you hold it under warm or
hot running water. A wet onion is easier to peel than a dry
one. If you need only part of an onion, don't peel it before
cutting. The unused portion will keep better in the
refrigerator is the skin is still on. A partially frozen
onion is easy to slice and chop and --best of all-- causes
no tears.

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