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Looking Good - July 18, 2018

*-- How to Get Thicker and Longer Eyelashes --*

If you have short and thin eyelashes or eyelashes that are too blond or light, you are not alone. Millions of women every day spend a part of their grooming getting those eyelashes to work it. We want them thick, long and beautiful without using fake ones. Here are some tips to help you achieve just that


1. First you must use your eyelashes curler, make sure your eyelashes are clean of any mascara. If you use your curler with mascara on it, you will be breaking your lashes and losing more hair and we don't want that. Once your eyelashes are clean and dry, take the curler and put it to the root of the lashes and hold it. Be careful you don't pinch your skin. You can do this several times until you feel they are curl enough.

2. Now take your favorite mascara and pull out the brush. When you pull out the brush make sure to take the excess mascara from the tip, this will help you not get clumps in your lashes. Take the brush and put it at the roots of your lashes and do a quick back and forth with the brush, this will cause the roots to look thicker plus the mascara will divide the lashes from the roots. Next move the brush up until they have reached the tips. Make sure to do it slow and all the way to the tips, this will help the lashes curl and stay curled. Do this until the entire eyelash is covered with mascara.

3. Before the mascara dries and before you move on the next eyelash, grab your eyelash comb and start at the middle of your eyelashes and comb up. This will help you get any clumps out of the way and make the lashes look cleaner all the way to the tip. This will give you a long, thick and beautiful look to your eyelashes.

Tips & Warnings:

- If your eyelashes are blonde I recommend using a black mascara.

- If your lashes are very very thin, I also recommend using mascara at the bottom lashes too.

- If you want to give your lashes a darker, thicker look you can also use a eyeliner pencil or a liquid one.

- After your first coat of mascara wait a few second and put on another one for a more thicker darker result. Keep playing with different coats until you reach the desire look.

- Do not bleach your eyelashes.

- Do not use the eyelashes curler with mascara it will destroy them.


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