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Where Are They Now - Friday, June 29, 2018

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Today's featured celebrity is Mike Henry. Your might remember him from such hits as Smokey and the Bandit, M*A*S*H and for his role as Tarzan in the 1960's film trilogy (Tarzan and the Jungle Boy, Tarzan and the Great River, and Tarzan and the Valley of Gold).

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Henry Beckman: Actor best known for Marnie (1964), Death Hunt (1981) and Blood & Guts (1978).

Marsha Mason: She has appeared in "The Goodbye Girl", "Chapter Two", "Max Duggan Returns" and other movies

Marlo Thomas: Starred as Ann Marie in the TV series "That Girl"

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Mike Henry

Learn More About Mike Henry on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: August 15, 1936 in Los Angeles, California, USA

BIRTH NAME: Michael Dennis Henry

CLAIM TO FAME: Mike Henry is an retired actor and former football linebacker. He is most well known for his role as, Tarzan in the 1960's trilogy, as Junior in Smokey and the Bandit, and Donald Penobscot on M*A*S*H.

FAMILY LIFE: Henry married Cheryl Sweeney Henry on November 17, 1984.

INFO: Mike Henry's football career as a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers (1958-1961) and the Los Angeles Rams (1962-1964) led him to be noticed by Warner Bros.

TRIVIA: May be the only "Tarzan" with a hairy chest.

During his short tenure as Tarzan, Mike was bitten in the face by a chimp and had to have his chin sewn up with twenty stitches. In addition he suffered from dysentery, an ear infection, and a liver ailment. After completing his third Tarzan film, he turned down the TV series and sued the producer for maltreatment, abuse, and working conditions detrimental to his health and welfare. Ron Ely starred in the subsequent series.

During early development, was considered for the lead role in the Batman: The Movie (1966) TV series. This was before the concept of doing the show as an action comedy had been introduced. He would have played a serious and dramatic Bruce Wayne/Batman.

WHERE IS HE NOW: After being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he retired from acting in 1988.


1987 Outrageous Fortune...Russian #1

1983 Smokey and the Bandit Part 3...Junior Justice

1981 Fantasy Island (TV Series)...Mike
- Elizabeth's Baby/The Artist and the Lady

1980 Smokey and the Bandit II...Junior

1978 Lou Grant (TV Series)...Frank
- Sports (1978)

1977 M*A*S*H (TV Series)...Lt. Col. Donald Penobscott
- The M*A*S*H Olympics

1977 Smokey and the Bandit...Junior

1976 No Way Back

1976 Rhoda (TV Series)...Man
- If You Want to Shoot the Rapids, You Have to Get Wet (1976) ... Man

1975 Adiós Amigo...Mary's Husband

1975 Mean Johnny Barrows...Carlo Da Vince

1974-1975 The Six Million Dollar Man (TV Series)...Tatashore / Cliff Platt
- One of Our Running Backs Is Missing (1975) ... Tatashore
- Run, Steve, Run (1974) ... Cliff Platt

1975 The Bob Newhart Show (TV Series)...Frank Nugent
- Bob Hits the Ceiling

1974 The Longest Yard...Rassmeusen

1973 Soylent Green...Kulozik

1973 The New Temperatures Rising Show (TV Series)...Jason
- Super Doc

1972 The New Dick Van Dyke Show (TV Series)...Man at the Admitting Desk
- The Needle (1972) ... Man at the Admitting Desk

1972 Skyjacked...Sam Allen

1972 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (TV Series)...Fargo
- Michael O'Hara the Fourth: Part 2
- Michael O'Hara the Fourth: Part 1

1972 Michael O'Hara the Fourth (TV Movie)...Fargo

1971 The Smith Family (TV Series)
- Taste of Fear (1971)

1971 Inside O.U.T. (TV Short)...Chuck Dandy

1970 Rio Lobo...Sheriff Tom Hendricks

1970 Dan August (TV Series)...Heap Canfield
- When the Shouting Dies

1970 Daniel Boone (TV Series)...Creole Jim
- Bringing Up Josh

1969 Number One...Walt Chaffee

1969 More Dead Than Alive...Luke Santee

1968 The Green Berets...Sgt. Kowalski

1968 Tarzan and the Jungle Boy...Tarzan

1967 Tarzan and the Great River...Tarzan

1966 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold...Tarzan

1963 Palm Springs Weekend...Doorman (uncredited)

1963 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (TV Series)...Big Guy
- Getting Wally in Shape

1963 Spencer's Mountain...Spencer Brother (uncredited)

1963 77 Sunset Strip (TV Series)...Sgt. Johnny Rossi
- To Catch a Mink

1963 General Hospital (TV Series)...Rudolpho (1988)

1957 Curfew Breakers...Reagan

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Henry Beckman - DEAD
Born: 11/26/1921 Died: 6/17/2008

Marsha Mason - ALIVE
Born: 4/3/1942

Marlo Thomas - ALIVE
Born: 11/21/1937



Abdul Kadir, 65/66, Guyanese politican and convicted terrorist.
Domenico Losurdo, 77, Italian Marxist philosopher and historian.

Jordi Fàbregas Canadell (es), 67, Spanish musician.
Joe Jackson, 89, American band manager (The Jackson 5), patriarch of the Jackson family, pancreatic cancer.
Liz Jackson, 67, Australian journalist, Parkinson's disease.
Steve Soto, 54, American punk musician (The Adolescents).
Neville Towner, 52, Australian convicted rapist and murderer, heart attack.
Vladimir Andreyevich Uspensky, 87, Russian mathematician, linguist, writer and doctor.

Harold Davis, 85, Scottish football player (Rangers) and manager.
Andrey Dementyev, 89, Russian poet.
Fedor Frešo, 71, Slovak rock and jazz bassist, heart failure.
Ignatios Lappas (el), 72, Greek Orthodox metropolitan bishop, Metropolis of Larissa and Tyrnavos (since 1994), heart failure.
Henri Namphy, 85, Haitian military officer and politician, President (1986-1988), lung cancer.
Bo Nilsson, 81, Swedish composer.
Sabina Ott, 62, American artist.
Borivoj Penc (cs), 82, Czech actor.
Daniel Pilon, 77, Canadian actor (Dallas, Ryan's Hope, Shoot 'Em Up).
Phil Rodgers, 80, American golfer, leukemia.
Ed Simons, 101, American conductor.
Innocent Umezulike, 64, Nigerian jurist, chief judge of Enugu State.

Diana Álvarez (es), 76, Argentine television director.
Jesús Cardenal, 88, Spanish professor (University of the Basque Country) and lawyer, Attorney General (1997-2004).
Štefka Drolc, 94, Slovenian actress.
Paul Gérin-Lajoie, 98, Canadian lawyer and politician, MNA (1960-1969).
David Goldblatt, 87, South African photographer.
Richard Benjamin Harrison, 77, American pawnbroker and reality television personality (Pawn Stars), Parkinson's disease.
Yosh Kawano, 97, American baseball clubhouse manager (Chicago Cubs), Parkinson's disease.
Andrei Suchilin (Wikidata), 58, Russian musician, organ failure due to bacterial infection.

Constance Adams, 53, American space architect and spaceport planner, cancer.
Xiomara Alfaro, 88, Cuban opera singer.
Stanley Anderson, 78, American actor (Spider-Man, The Drew Carey Show, Red Dragon), brain cancer.
George Cameron, 70, American musician (The Left Banke), cancer.
Salomón Cohen Levy, 91, Israeli-born Venezuelan civil engineer and mall developer (Centro Sambil).
Francesco Forleo, 76, Italian politician, Deputy (1987-1994), dementia.
Frank Heart, 89, American Hall of Fame computer engineer, co-developer of the IMP, melanoma.
Dan Ingram, 83, American disc jockey (KBOX, WABC, WCBS-FM, WIL), complications of dementia.
Sergei Ogorodnikov, 32, Russian ice hockey player (Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg), water bike accident.
Josip Pirmajer, 74, Slovenian football player and manager.
Jacques Saadé, 81, Lebanese-born French shipping executive, founder of CMA CGM.
Chatri Sophonpanich, 85, Thai banker (Bangkok Bank).
Pavel Vranský, 97, Czech brigadier general and RAF radio operator, veteran of the siege of Tobruk, War Cross and Medal of Merit recipient.
Jim Washington, 66, Canadian football player (Winnipeg Blue Bombers).

Roland Baar, 54, German rower, five-time world champion (1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995), traffic collision.
Sujatha Devi, 72, Indian poet.
Alberto Fouilloux, 77, Chilean footballer (national team).
Donald Hall, 89, American poet, U.S. Poet Laureate (2006).
Yavar Jamalov, 68, Azerbaijani politician, Minister of Defence Industry (since 2006).
Kim Jong-pil, 92, South Korean politician, Prime Minister (1971-1975, 1998-2000).
Richard Lowitt, 96, American historian.
Dumitru Mo?pan, 78, Moldovan politician, President of Parliament (1997-1998).
Phan Huy Lê, 84, Vietnamese historian, heart disease.
Douglas Rae, 87, Scottish businessman.
Violeta Rivas, 80, Argentine singer and actress.
Gazmend Sinani, 27, Kosovan basketball player (Leeds Force), traffic collision.
Ronald Spadafora, 63, American firefighter (FDNY Chief of Fire Prevention), supervised rescue and recovery following 9/11, acute myeloid leukemia.
Cyrus Tang, 88, Chinese-born American investor and philanthropist.
Koro Wetere, 83, New Zealand politician, MP for Western Maori (1969-1996), Minister of Maori Affairs (1984-1990).

Halina Aszkielowicz-Wojno, 71, Polish volleyball player (national team), Olympic bronze medalist (1968).
Tony Bartirome, 86, American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates).
Geoff Case, 82, Australian football player (Melbourne).
Steve Condous, 82, Australian politician, Lord Mayor of Adelaide (1987-1993), member of the South Australian House of Assembly (1993-2002).
Nahum Korzhavin, 92, Russian-American poet.
Olga Krzyzanowska, 88, Polish politician, Senator (2001-2005), Deputy Marshal of the Sejm (1993-1997).
Dick Leitsch, 83, American LGBT rights activist, liver cancer.
Dan Lindsley, 92, American geneticist.
Deanna Lund, 81, American actress (Land of the Giants), pancreatic cancer.
Rezso Nyers, 95, Hungarian politician, Minister of Finance (1960-1962), Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party president (1989).
Geoffrey Oryema, 65, Ugandan musician.
Vinnie Paul, 54, American drummer (Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah), heart attack.
Waldir Pires, 91, Brazilian politician, Minister of Defence (2006-2007).
Sangdao Sattaman, 73, Thai poet, complications from a fall.
Bagun Sumbrai, 94, Indian politician.