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Where Are They Now - Friday, June 15, 2018

Hello fans,

The best part of writing 'Where Are They Now' is discovering more about some of the most beloved and talent stars from the world of entertainment. That was until I had the chance to interview an iconic actor and customer, Mr. Burton Gilliam. Most of you will remember Mr. Gilliam as Lyle in the Mel Brooks' western comedy Blazing Saddles.

After all of the issues I've done I never thought that I would ever have the unique opportunity to speak with an iconic entertainer that has appeared in so many of classic films and television shows. Mr. Gilliam sent Anisa an email concerning one of products on and she had the wonderful idea of asking him if he wouldn't mind being interviewed by yours truly. I've never interviewed anyone in my life. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. But Mr. Gilliam was such a pleasure to speak with, sharing so much about his career, his life, and so many great behind the scenes stories about classic films and shows that so many people love.

I wanted to share some of this experience with you. So today's star of 'Where Are They Now' is the wonderfully talented, Mr. Burton Gilliam.

Sometimes all you have to do is take a chance. That's how actor Burton Gilliam got his start in the motion picture business.

After seeing an ad in a newspaper for a casting call in Dallas, Burton decided to give acting a shot. After his audition for director Peter Bogdanovich, in addition to thunderous applause, Burton was cast in the 1973 film 'Paper Moon,' as Floyd the desk clerk.

'Paper Moon' went on the be a tremendous success and Tatum O'Neal, at the age of 10, won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Burton enjoyed his experienced, but didn't think anything would come of it... that was until one Mr. Mel Brooks saw a rough cut of 'Paper Moon' and personally called Burton to offer him the role of Lyle in the legendary comedy, 'Blazing Saddles.' Mr. Gilliam told me that he hung up on Mel Brooks the first time, as we all would. On the second call, Brooks told him not to hang up and then offered the role to Burton, which he accepted and the rest as they history.

During his time on 'Blazing Saddles,' Mr. Gilliam told me that the first three takes were always a laugh riot; it was hard to keep a straight face. You can't keep a straight face watching it, filming must have been the ultimate test of self-control. Then, take four was all business.

While filming the soon to be classic comedy, Mr. Gilliam said he was having a difficult time directing scripted racial slurs at his fellow actors, especially to his co-star Cleavon Little. After several takes, Cleavon Little took him off to the side and told him it was okay because these weren't his words. They were acting. Everyone was on the same page and saw the humor and what the movie was truly about.

We talk about so many of his experiences in the movies and on television (Fletch, Back to the Future III, Evening Shade) and even lending his voice to video games like Redneck Rampage. It seems like Burton has done it all... and actually he has.

He told me that if he had it to do all over again he wish that he would have had the foresight to learn the entertainment business earlier than he had, but he has no regrets. At 79, he still wants to do more television, movies, video games, but if the entertainment business went belly-up he would be satisfied with the career that he's had for over 45 years. He loves to entertain! It certainly shows in his work and it was undeniable when I spoke with him. It was such a thrill. He even said one of his lines from Fletch, "You know, he's got that look." One of my personal favorites. It was amazing!

With all of our email correspondence Mr. Gilliam would put "Keep smilin'" at the end of every message. When I asked him about that he said that "Keep smilin'" became his motto, both on and off the set, once his acting career took off. Whenever you see Mr. Gilliam in a movie, on television, in commercials, he's always smiling. His distinct smile and voice became his tools of the trade and made Mr. Burton Gilliam one of the most recognizable and enduring actors ever.

Mr. Gilliam, thank you for your time, talent, and sincerity.

Take care,

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Burton Gilliam

Learn More About Burton Gilliam on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: August 9, 1938 in Dallas, Texas, USA

BIRTH NAME: Burton Gilliam

CLAIM TO FAME: Burton Gilliam is an American actor most famous for his appearances in Blazing Saddles, Paper Moon, Honeymoon in Vegas, Fletch and much more.


FAMILY LIFE: Burton now resides with wife, Susan, in Allen, Texas. They have 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

INFO: Was a Golden Gloves boxer '59-'67; competed in 217 fights.

Before pursing acting, Gilliam was a fireman for 14 years.

Was assigned to Engine Co. 39 at the time of his resignation in 1972 from the Dallas Fire Department.

He was a Golden Gloves referee in Dallas, Texas, before he was an actor.

Professional boxing referee and judge in the State of California.

Lived in Hollywood from 1973-1996.

TRIVIA: Met Madeline Kahn for the first time while making the film Paper Moon. She predicted that the two of them would work together again. Within three months, both of them had been cast in Blazing Saddles.

After seeing a rough cut of Paper Moon, director Mel Brooks called Gilliam personally to offer him the role of Lyle in Blazing Saddles.

Burton Gilliam has the distinction of being the first person in cinematic history to break wind in a feature film. See Blazing Saddles' campfire/beans scene if you haven't already.

In 1986 comedy Fletch, Chevy Chase invited Gilliam to lunch to go over the their scene together, the scene when the character of Fletch inspects an airplane. Gilliam said that the entire scene was improvised, except for the very first and last line, which were said as scripted. (One of the best scenes in the movie.)

During his time on the sitcom Evening Shade, Gilliam became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thanks to his friends and co-stars Burt Reynolds and Charles Durning.

Granddaughter HOLLIE VISE won the gold medal at the World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, 2004 (Uneven Bars). She's in the Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Dated future 'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter for 6-months.

WHERE IS HE NOW: Gilliam currently resides Allen, Texas. He spends the majority of his time on the golf course and making 50 television commercials, for auto dealers and the like, a year.


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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Marla Gibbs - ALIVE
Born: 06/14/1931

Dennis Hopper - DEAD
Born: 05/17/1936 Died: 05/29/2010

Ted Lange - ALIVE
Born: 01/05/1947



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Ronald I. Meshbesher, 85, American lawyer, Alzheimer's disease.
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