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Looking Good - June 13, 2018

*-- Get Sun Kissed...Safely! --*

We have all heard about just how damaging UV rays are for our skin and for our health. Not only does the sun cause our skin to freckle and burn, but it can also cause more serious problems for us such as speeding up the aging, or UV rays can cause skin cancer. These are all great reasons why women have foregone lying out on the beach for endless hours, and why many have also decided to stop visiting the tanning salon.

So you don't want to be pale, but you don't want to put your health in jeopardy. What can you do? You can choose to get sun kissed by using a bronzer on your skin. Not sure how to do it? Not a problem. Follow these easy steps below and you will look like a golden goddess in no time.

Choose the Right Bronzer

Your search for a healthy glow comes from finding the right bronzing product first. One mistake that a lot of people make is that they choose a bronzer that is far too dark for their skin tone. You do not want to make this mistake. The bronzer that you choose should be within 2 shades darker than your current skin tone, otherwise you will look unnaturally dark or possibly risk looking "orange".

As a general rule, those with a fair skin tone should choose a honey-colored bronzer. Anyone with medium skin tones should choose a rosier bronzer or a golden toned bronzer, and those with dark complexions should focus on amber bronzers or tawny bronzers. Just to add a few other rules, bear in mind that women with brown hair should try to find a more orange-toned bronzer whereas blondes should choose a pink-toned bronzing product.

Prepare your Skin

Before you put on the bronzer, you will need to properly prepare your skin. This means that the skin should be lightly exfoliated while in the shower or while you are washing your face, and then a moisturizer needs to be applied afterwards. Do not apply the bronzer to your skin prior to allowing the moisturizer to dry.

Applying the Bronzer

When applying bronzer, it's important that you choose the right brush to do it with. You will want to choose a brush that is wide and fluffy and that has a rounded top. A blush brush always does the trick well.

Take the brush and swirl it in the bronzer. You only want to get a little onto the brush. Tap off any excess that there may be, or rub the brush off on a tissue, and then look at your face in the mirror. Think about where the sun naturally hits your face first and where you would develop a tan.

Pick up your brush and, using light strokes, apply the bronzer to the top of your forehead, down your nose, and right along the top of your cheekbones. A dab of bronzer on the chin, chest, and neck may also add a nice warm glow.


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