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Where Are They Now - Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello fans,

I'm currently doing some maintenance on the 'Where Are They Now' webpage. Don't worry, it's all under control. So this week let's touch base with one of my favorite character actors, Gerrit Graham.

You may not remember the name, but you are sure to recognize his face...and his tremendous body of work. I know his best as Jeff from 'Used Cars,' a hilarious R rated comedy that you couldn't make these days.

Let's see what has kept Gerrit Graham busy.

Take care,

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Burt Ward: Actor, Played Robin on the TV series "Batman"

Paul Michael Glaser: Actor, Played Starsky (the dark-haired one) in the classic 1970s TV series "Starsky and Hutch"

Frederic Forrest: Actor, He appeared in the TV series "Lonesome Dove", and the movies "The Two Jakes" and "Apocalypse Now"

(Answer at the bottom)

Gerrit Graham

Learn More About Gerrit Graham on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: 27 November 1949, New York City, New York, USA

CLAIM TO FAME: Gerrit Graham is an American actor, scriptwriter and songwriter known for memorable roles in 'Used Cars,' 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose,' and 'C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud'.

FAMILY LIFE: Has 2 sons, Henry and Jack Graham.

INFO: Gerrit Graham has spent several decades as a recognizable character actor in both television and film.

He has appeared in such films as Used Cars, TerrorVision, National Lampoon's Class Reunion and Greetings. He has worked several times with director Brian De Palma.

He was also the voice of Franklin Sherman in the animated series The Critic as well as a recurring role as Dr. Norman Pankow on the sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

He also wrote teleplays for several episodes of the 1980s version of The Twilight Zone.

Graham said, "I have a tremendously varied resume, but it's been the bane of my career that I'm so versatile."

TRIVIA: Graduated Groton School, Groton Mass. 1966

Was a writer for some of the Walt Disney Company's animation projects, including The Little Mermaid (1989) and The Prince and the Pauper (1990).

He wrote the lyrics of the Grateful Dead song "Victim or the Crime" based on a tune by Bob Weir.

Adopted the name Bud T. Chud as an alias after the character he played in C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud (1989).

Was a writer on VH1's Pop Up Video.

Made acting debut at age eight in a Detroit Art Institute production of "Winnie the Pooh".

Was a rock music writer in New York City in the early 70s.

Speaks fluent French.

WHERE IS HE NOW: Gerrit Graham has made his way around the convention scene promoting cult favorites like TerrorVision, C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud, Chopping Mall, and Phantom of the Paradise.


2012 Cove Road...The Hitchhiker (as Bud T. Chud)

2009 Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise (TV Movie)...Rupert

2008 Stick It in Detroit...Captain John Willoughby

2007 Chaotic Ana...Míster Halcón

2005 Building Girl...Mr. Minard

2005 Third Watch (TV Series)...Charles Benjamin
- Welcome Home

1998-2002 Law & Order (TV Series)...Mr. Hutchins / Alan Bruder
- Slaughter (2002) ... Mr. Hutchins
- Tabloid (1998) ... Alan Bruder

1999-2000 Now and Again (TV Series)...Roger Bender

1998 One True Thing...Oliver Most

1998 The Love Letter (TV Movie)...Warren Whitcomb

1996 Bruno the Kid: The Animated Movie (Video) (voice)

1996 Magic in the Mirror: Fowl Play...Bloom

1996 Demolition High (Video)...Mr. Vogel

1996 Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series)...Q Too
- Death Wish

1995-1996 Gargoyles (TV Series)...Guardian

1996 Weird Science (TV Series)...Dr. Victor Frankenstein
- Searching for Boris Karloff

1995 Favorite Deadly Sins (TV Movie)...Satan

1995 The Larry Sanders Show (TV Series)...Kevin
- 0.409

1995 The Tick (TV Series)...Milo
- Armless But Not Harmless (voice)

1995 The Break...Bill Cowens

1994-1995 The Critic (TV Series)...Franklin Sherman / Cow trapped in a bull's body

1995 Stuart Saves His Family...Male Diner (uncredited)

1995 Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare (TV Movie)...Mark McKenna Sr.

1995 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series)...Munch
- The Eyes Have It

1995 The Wasp Woman (TV Movie)...Arthur (as Gerritt Graham)

1994 Circle of Fate (Short)...Ben

1994 Diagnosis Murder (TV Series)...Joseph Boland
- My Four Husbands

1994 Rebel Highway (TV Series)...Lipsky
- Shake, Rattle and Rock!

1994 Shake, Rattle and Rock! (TV Movie)...Lipsky

1994 Babylon 5 (TV Series)...Lord Kiro
- Signs and Portents

1994 My Girl 2...Dr. Sam Helburn

1993 The Pink Panther (TV Series) (voice)
- Pilgrim Panther/That Old Pink Magic

1993 Moon Over Miami (TV Series)...Tommy Fender
- In a Safe Place

1993 Philadelphia Experiment II...Dr. William Mailer / Friedrich Mahler

1993 Love Matters (TV Movie)...Phillips

1993 This Boy's Life...Mr. Howard

1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series)...The Hunter
- Captive Pursuit

1992 Sidekicks...Mapes

1992 Fievel's American Tails (TV Series)...Cat R. Waul

1992 Family Matters (TV Series)...Landlord
- The Oddest Couple

1992 Seinfeld (TV Series)...Clown
- The Opera

1992 Frozen Assets...Lewis Crandall

1992 Civil Wars (TV Series)...Whit Buffum
- Below the Beltway

1992 A Different World (TV Series)...Henry Krum
- Bedroom at the Top

1991 Davis Rules (TV Series)
- They're Writing Songs of Love, But Nun for Me

1990-1991 Parker Lewis Can't Lose (TV Series)...Dr. Pankow / Dr. Norman Pankow

1991 Reasonable Doubts (TV Series)...Patrick Pierce
- Dicky's Got the Blues

1991 Stat (TV Series)...Dr. Gus Rivers
- Ladyfinger (1991)
- Fantasy (1991)

1991 The Wonder Years (TV Series)...Dr. Tucker
- Courage

1990 Child's Play 2...Phil Simpson

1990 Parenthood (TV Series)
- My Dad Can Beat Up Your BMW

1990 Night of the Cyclone...Lt. John France (as Bud T. Chud)

1990 China Beach (TV Series)...Captain Soubra
- The Gift

1990 Sugar and Spice (TV Series)...Cliff
- The Truck Stops Here

1989 Gang of Four (TV Movie)...Mike Stevenson

1989 The Nutt House (TV Series)...Eric - Safety Inspector
- A Night at the Reunion

1989 The Little Mermaid (voice, uncredited)

1989 The Young Riders (TV Series)...J.D. Marcus
- Ten-Cent Hero

1989 Martians Go Home...Stan Garrett

1989 Tales from the Crypt (TV Series)...Theodore Carne
- The Man Who Was Death

1989 C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud...Bud Oliver / Bud the C.H.U.D.

1989 Police Academy 6: City Under Siege...Ace

1989 Dear John (TV Series)...Gary
- For a Friend

1989 Big Man on Campus...Stanley Hoyle

1988-1989 Dallas (TV Series)...Fred Hughes

1988 My Two Dads (TV Series)...Carlton Crow
- The Family in Question

1988 Miami Vice (TV Series)...Calvin Teal
- The Cows of October

1987 The Search for Animal Chin (Video)...Skateboard Manufacturer

1987 Walker...Norvell Walker

1987 Rags to Riches (TV Series)
- Vegas Rock (1987)

1987 It's Alive III: Island of the Alive...Ralston

1987 Sledge Hammer! (TV Series)...Prosecuting Attorney
- Jagged Sledge

1987 Throb (TV Series)...George
- Genius

1987 Tonight's the Night (TV Movie)...Charlie

1986-1987 Sidekicks (TV Series)...Phil Krawcheck
- Kicked Upstairs (1987) ... Phil Krawcheck
- Grey Belts (1986) ... Phil Krawcheck

1987 St. Elsewhere (TV Series)...Mr. Gillette
- Cold War

1986 Fame (TV Series)...Mr. Wacky
- Mr Wacky's World

1986 Ratboy...Billy Morrison

1986 Last Resort...Curt

1986 Chopping Mall...Technician Nessler

1986 TerrorVision...Stan

1986 The Twilight Zone (TV Series)...Griffin St. George
- Welcome to Winfield/Quarantine

1985 The Man with One Red Shoe...Carson

1985 The Annihilators...Ray Track

1984 The Ratings Game (TV Movie)...Parker Braithwaite

1984 Boys in Blue (TV Movie)...Lt. Shenk

1984 Whiz Kids (TV Series)...Jerry Singer
- Watch Out!

1983 New Magic (Short)...Jeremy

1983 The Dukes of Hazzard (TV Series)...Private Eye
- A Baby for the Dukes

1983 The Creature Wasn't Nice...Rodzinski

1983 The A-Team (TV Series)...Brother Stephen
- Children of Jamestown

1983 Likely Stories, Vol. 2 (TV Movie)...Soap Opera Guy

1982 Class Reunion...Bob Spinnaker

1982 Soup for One...Brian

1980 Used Cars...Jeff

1979 Home Movies...James Byrd

1979 Stockard Channing in Just Friends (TV Series)...Leonard Scribner

1979 Old Boyfriends...Sam The Fisherman

1978 Laverne & Shirley (TV Series)...Nathan
- The Dance Studio

1978 Pretty Baby...Highpockets

1977 Dog and Cat (TV Series)...Mick
- A Duck Is a Duck

1977 Demon Seed...Walter Gabler

1977 Future Cop (TV Series)...Cliff Yancey
- The Mad Mad Bomber

1976 Starsky and Hutch (TV Series)...Nicholas John Manning
- Nightmare

1976 Street Killing (TV Movie)...Dr. Vinton

1976 Cannonball!...Perman Waters

1976 Special Delivery...Swivot

1976 Dynasty (TV Movie)...Carver Blackwood

1976 Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw...Magic Ray (as Gerritt Graham)

1976 Tunnel Vision....Freddie (as Gerritt Graham)

1976 The TVTV Show (TV Movie)

1975 Medical Story (TV Series)
- The Right to Die

1975 Strange New World (TV Movie)...Daniel

1975 Black Bart (TV Movie)...Curley

1975 Baretta (TV Series)...Rick Parrish
- The 5½ Pound Junkie

1975 The Hatfields and the McCoys (TV Movie)...Calvin McCoy

1974 Harry O (TV Series)...Charles Dillon
- Accounts Balanced

1974 The Rookies (TV Series)...Eric
- Prelude to Vengeance

1974 Phantom of the Paradise...Beef

1974 Strange Homecoming (TV Movie)...Earl Gates

1972 Beware! The Blob...Joe, Ape-Suited Party Guest

1970 Hi, Mom!...Gerrit Wood

1968 Greetings...Lloyd Clay

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Burt Ward - ALIVE
Born: 07/06/1945

Paul Michael Glaser - ALIVE
Born: 03/25/1943

Frederic Forrest - ALIVE
Born: 12/23/1936



Ella Brennan, 92, American restaurateur.
Michael D. Ford, 90, English art director and set decorator (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Titanic, The Empire Strikes Back), Oscar winner (1982, 1998).
Pandurang Pundalik Fundkar, 67, Indian politician, member of the Lok Sabha (1989-1998) and the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (1978-1985), heart attack.
Aníbal Quijano, 90, Peruvian sociologist, developer of coloniality of power concept.
Étienne Sansonetti, 82, French footballer.

Audálio Dantas (pt), 88, Brazilian journalist, cancer.
Gabriel Gascon (fr), 91, Canadian actor (If I Were a Spy, La Menace, The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting).
Dan Kneen, 30, Manx motorcycle rider, injuries sustained in a race collision.
Ferenc Kovács, 84, Hungarian football player and coach, Olympic bronze medalist (1960).
Dawam Rahardjo, 75, Indonesian Islamic scholar and economist.
Madiha Yousri, 96, Egyptian actress.

Rosa Briceño Ortiz (es), 51, Venezuelan conductor.
Luciano José Cabral Duarte, 93, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Aracaju (1971-1998).
Yoseph Imry, 79, Israeli mesoscopic physicist.
Jürgen Marcus, 69, German singer ("Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment"), COPD.
James Schaefer, 79, American politician, member of the South Dakota House of Representatives (since 2011), UTV collision.
Muktha Srinivasan, 88, Indian film director and producer (Mudhalali, Panchaali, Naalu Veli Nilam).
Arturo Antonio Szymanski Ramírez, 96, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of San Luis Potosí (1987-1999).
René Yañez, 75, Mexican-born American artist, founder of Galería de la Raza, cancer.

Fredric Arnold, 96, American actor and writer (The Seventh Sign, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, Lost Angels).
Ely Calil, 72, Lebanese-born British businessman.
Pippo Caruso, 82, Italian composer and conductor.
Neale Cooper, 54, Scottish football player (Aberdeen) and manager.
Paulette Coquatrix, 102, French costume designer (Napoléon, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Le Miroir à deux faces).
Yves de Daruvar (fr), 97, Turkish-born French military officer and politician, High Commissioner of Comoros (1962-1963), Secretary-general of French Somaliland (1959-1962).
Serge Dassault, 93, French businessman (Dassault Group) and politician, Senator (2004-2017).
Evio di Marzo (es), 64, Venezuelan singer-songwriter (Adrenalina Caribe), shot.
Semavi Eyice, 95, Turkish Byzantine and Ottoman art historian (Istanbul University), Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Awardee (2011).
Cornelia Frances, 77, English-born Australian actress (The Young Doctors, Home and Away, The Lost Islands), bladder cancer.
Takeo Kojima, 82, Japanese professional mahjong player.
Stewart Lupton, 43, American singer (Jonathan Fire*Eater).
Josh Martin, 46, American guitarist (Anal Cunt), fall.
Mike McCormick, 36, American television reporter and anchor (WYFF, KHBS), treefall.
María Dolores Pradera, 93, Spanish singer and actress.
Dick Quax, 70, Dutch-born New Zealand athlete, Olympic silver medalist (1976), cancer.
Rachel Rockwell, 49, American actress, theater director and choreographer, ovarian cancer.
István Sas, 71, Hungarian film director.
Jens Christian Skou, 99, Danish physician and chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (1997).
Aaron Smeltzer, 35, American photojournalist (WYFF), treefall.
Chuck Stevens, 99, American baseball player (St. Louis Browns).
Michel Stolker, 84, Dutch racing cyclist.
Dick Tuck, 94, American political prankster.
Cliff Tucker, 29, American basketball player (Maryland Terrapins), traffic collision.
Ola Ullsten, 86, Swedish politician, Prime Minister (1978-1979).
Wang Da-hong, 100, Chinese-born Taiwanese architect.
Scott R. White, 55, American materials scientist, ocular melanoma.

Jean Konan Banny, 88, Ivorian politician.
Marcos de Celis, 86, Spanish bullfighter.
John DiFronzo, 89, American mobster (Chicago Outfit), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Gardner Dozois, 70, American Hall of Fame science fiction writer (Morning Child, Hunter's Run) and editor (Asimov's Science Fiction), Nebula Award winner (1984, 1985), infection.
Bob Fuss, 64, American radio journalist (CBS News Radio), leukemia.
Andrés Gandarias, 75, Spanish racing cyclist.
Aly Lotfy Mahmoud, 82, Egyptian economist and politician, Prime Minister (1985-1986).
Andy MacQueen, Australian bass guitarist (Exploding White Mice).
Odd Oppedal, 81, Norwegian footballer (Brann, national team).
Donald H. Peterson, 84, American astronaut (STS-6), Alzheimer's disease and bone cancer.
Madala Ranga Rao, 70, Indian actor and film producer (Yuvatharam Kadilindi).
Russ Regan, 89, American music business executive.
Julio Ribera (es), 91, Spanish comics artist (The Vagabond of Limbo) and screenwriter.
Harald Bjarne Slettebø, 96, Norwegian politician.

Satoru Anzaki, 81, Japanese businessman, President of Komatsu (1995-2001).
Alan Bean, 86, American astronaut (Apollo 12, Skylab 3), fourth person to walk on the Moon.
Pierre Bellemare, 88, French writer and radio personality.
Stuart Bondurant, 88, American physician.
Clement Chang, 89, Taiwanese politician, Minister of Transportation and Communications (1989-1991).
Ted Dabney, 81, American electrical engineer, co-founder of Atari, esophageal cancer.
Herman D. Farrell Jr., 86, American politician, member of the New York State Assembly (1975-2017).
Pierre Hassner (fr), 85, Romanian-born French geopolitical philosopher.
Mazhar Kaleem, 75, Pakistani lawyer and novelist (Imran Series).
Geeta Kapoor, 57, Indian actress (Pakeezah).
Gerard Kerkum, 87, Dutch football player and manager (Feyenoord).
Fonda Metassa, 80, Australian rugby league footballer.
Roger Piantoni, 86, French footballer (Nancy, Stade de Reims, national team).
Antonio Pujía, 88, Italian-born Argentine sculptor.
Svetlin Rusev, 84, Bulgarian artist.
Gerald Ryan, 87, New Zealand sports administrator, president of the New Zealand Rugby League (1997-2001).
William Shaw, 85, Canadian politician, MNA (1976-1981).

Tsehaytu Beraki, 78, Eritrean krar player and independence activist.
Paul Bloch, 78, American publicist (Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone).
Dean Francis, 44, British boxer, cancer.
Gary Garfinkel, 55, American studio executive (Showtime).
Sergio Graziani (it), 87, Italian actor (The Five Days, Goodnight, Ladies and Gentlemen) and voice actor.
José Hawilla, 74, Brazilian journalist, convicted fraudster and informant, lung disease.
Brendan Ingle, 77, Irish boxing trainer (Naseem Hamed).
Piet Kee, 90, Dutch composer and organist.
Naser Malek Motiei, 88, Iranian actor (Mehdi in Black and Hot Mini Pants, And Then There Were None, Torkaman).
Bill Mallory, 82, American football coach (Indiana Hoosiers, Miami RedHawks, Colorado Buffaloes), fall.
John Matthias, 64, English jockey.
Phil McKnight, 93, Scottish footballer (Chelsea, Leyton Orient).
Jim Phillips Sr., 87, American politician, member of the North Carolina Senate (1997-2001).
Hildegard Puwak, 69, Romanian politician, Minister of European Integration (2000-2003).