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Monday, May 28, 2018

Good morning crew,

Memorial Day! A time to remember. A time to be grateful to those who gave their lives to the service. Also a time for a three-day-weekend and a cookout!

Even though the Solstice is next month everybody pretty much considers this the unofficial beginning of summer. That means all of the barbecuing, all of the swimming, all of the volleyball, the street fests, the concerts under the stars, the road trips, it's all coming up fast.

That is a lot of fun to pack into the next 118 days! Before you know it fall will be here, so let's get started!

Laugh it up,


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"It is Fleet Week here in New York City. Over 4,000 service members come to New York City during Fleet Week. So if you see a lot of people happy to be off a giant ship, they're either sailors or they just got off a Carnival Cruise." -Jimmy Fallon


"According to a new study, there have been more deaths this year from selfie-related incidents than there have been from shark attacks. Good." -Seth Meyers


"The electronics company LG identified a new phenomenon called low-battery anxiety. People become nervous, distracted, and frustrated when their phones are about to die. If you are not familiar with low-battery anxiety, it's a real condition that primarily affects people with no actual problems." -James Corden


I have my changed my system for labeling homemade freezer meals. I used to carefully note in large clear letters, "Meatloaf" or "Pot Roast" or "Steak and Vegetables or "Chicken and Dumplings" or "Beef Pot Pie."

However, I used to get frustrated when I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner because he never asked for any of those things. So, I decided to stock the freezer with what he really likes.

If you look in my freezer now you'll see a whole new set of labels. You'll find dinners with neat little tags that say: "Whatever," "Anything," "I Don't Know," "I Don't Care," "Something Good," or "Food." My frustration is now reduced because no matter what my husband replies when I ask him what he wants for dinner, I know that it is there waiting.

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes --------------*

In honor of Memorial Day, the teacher I worked with read the Constitution to her third-grade class. After reading "We the people," she paused to ask the children what they thought that meant.

One boy raised his hand and asked, "Is that like 'We da bomb?'"