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Phunny Pictures - April 14, 2018

Howdy Folks,

I have the best friend to take with to any party and it gets me out of havin to bring anythin else. Get this...

My sister called me and invited me to go to her place for a little get-together and she asked me to bring somethin to the party for everybody to enjoy. I told her I was gonna bring Cole Slaw.

For those that don't know, Cole Slaw is a good friend of mine and is always the life of the party. Actually, at every party the Cole Slaw is better than if cole slaw was there.

So, in the future, always bring Cole Slaw to the party if ya can and it won't cost you a minute of time or even a dime. You want his number? Just tell 'em, "I'm coming with Cole Slaw!"

Take Care Y'all

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Hey how do ya like my new necklace?

They said to bring a chair!!!

A rare sighting of the Northern Chairibou.

As the head chair of the Reindeer committee, I'd like to bring this meeting to order...

Picked it up at a yard sale, great deal.

Just saving a seat for my friend

I'm not losing at musical chairs again.

Arm Chair Quarterback

I think this necklace is a bit gaudy.

Like a Moose in a Patio Furniture Shoppe

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