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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Now here's a kid with a real future. Most 14-year-old boys are content to play video games, look for porn online and just be generally socially awkward. But one young man in California found a much more bizarre way to amuse himself.

The Victorville Police Department have identified a 14-year-old who has been dressing up as a police officer and pulling over drivers.

According to police he was driving a white Ford Explorer with red and blue emergency lights mounted on the inside of the front windshield. The Explorer had no law enforcement or another type of identifying markers other than the emergency lights and had no license plates.

In one incident the boy pulled up to a residence with the lights flashing and exited the vehicle wearing a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department uniform with a firearm in the belt holster.

He went to the front door and told the occupants he was there to investigate a reported domestic disturbance.

The homeowner informed him there was no problem and they had not placed a call to the police. The imposter tried to open the door but the homeowner had locked it. Finally he returned to his Explorer and left. Later, the homeowner notified the police of the suspicious encounter.

In another incident the boy actually initiated a traffic stop. After obtaining the driver's information, he gave her a warning and let her go. That was nice of him.

Remember, this kid is 14.

Eventually an actual police officer saw a Ford Explorer matching the description of that involved in these bizarre incidents. He conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and confirmed it was a match.

During a search of the juvenile's home, detectives found the uniform worn during the incident as well as a large amount of counterfeit money, simulation firearms, ballistic vests, and other law enforcement related items.

Detectives also learned the boy pulled over to additional people the same night, posing as a law enforcement officer.

There are more questions to this story than answers. Where does a 14-year-old get counterfeit money and ballistic vests? Why was he posing a law enforcement in the first place? And how gullible are Californians that they are handing over their drivers licenses to 14-year-olds?

Still, pretty impressive for someone who's not old enough to shave yet.


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*-------------------- Russia --------------------*

A plane's cargo ramp was damaged during takeoff in Russia, causing gold, platinum and diamonds to be spread from the runway to up to 16 miles from the airport. The Investigative Committee of Russia said the Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane was carrying $378 million worth of gold, platinum and diamonds when it took off. The plane's cargo ramp was somehow damaged during takeoff, causing gold to litter the runway and precious materials to rain down behind the vehicle for up to 16 miles before the plane made an emergency landing. Police cordoned off the airport's runway and authorities began a search of the grounds and the plane's path to recover the missing materials. Investigators said they have detained the technical engineers who prepared the plane for takeoff.


*---------------- Jesus Returns ----------------*

A package that was initially thought to be suspicious at a New Jersey church turned out to be something surprising -- a baby Jesus statue stolen 90 years ago. The Rev. Alex Santora of the Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken said staff were concerned when a mysterious package showed up at the building without a return address, so he decided to contact police as a precaution. Once the box was found to be clear of heat readings, an officer opened the box and revealed the contents -- a baby Jesus statue and a note explaining the item. The note read: "To Whom it may concern, My Mom told me that the Baby Jesus had been stolen from the church Nativity display at Our Lady of Grace when she was a young girl of about twelve years of age in the early 1930's. It came into her father's possession somehow, and I don't know why he didn't return it. Instead, he gave it to my Mother after she was married, and she too kept it until her passing when it came to me. Knowing the story, I felt it should be returned to the rightful owner, and you will find it enclosed." Santora applauded the sender's drive to do the right thing.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Lewis, I have a tagline for you, "Axe - For Your Explosive Personality."

Lewis, how about; "Axe: It'll Blow Her Away"

[There were a couple others, but they were unprintable, which is saying something in Bizarre News.]

LEWIS; Drag Queens and folk singers in public venues have similar nasty attitudes. When you're at a rock, blues or jazz club it is okay to chat while the music plays. However when you're at a folk music club if you dare to be chatting with a friend at your table, you'll be told to pay attention to the folksinger or leave. Not everyone cares about the deep social message of the singer's lyrics. Sheesh! -R.S.

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