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Looking Good - March 5, 2018

*-- 7 "Must Do's" For Healthy Hair --*

We all want to have those beautiful, flowing healthy looking locks that we see on those hair advertisements on the television. For one reason or another however, we just don't seem to be able to get those glossy locks that the shampoos, conditioners and other hair products promise. What gives?

If you want to have healthier hair, follow these tips below:

1. Wash your Hair Only when it is Dirty

A lot of us have misconceptions about when it is appropriate to wash our hair. Some of us will wash it daily, when really a hair wash isn't entirely warranted. The only time in which hair should be washed is when it's dirty, which is usually after 2-3 days (unless you have had a heavy work out and are sweaty, or you have used a lot of styling products the day before).

If you have only used a bit of hair spray or gel in your hair the day before, that doesn't mean that your hair needs to be washed. If your hair is oily or looks a bit greasy the next day, simply use a "dry shampoo" to help get rid of any of the excess oils and grime.

2. Trim your Hair Regularly

Regular hair trimmings are a must, no matter how short or how long your hair may be. You don't need to lose a lot of length in order to keep it healthy, trimming off an inch every 6 to 8 weeks is more than enough to help keep those split ends at bay.

3. Use the Right Products

If you aren't using the right hair products for your hair, then you are likely to notice your hair appearing dry or limp. If you have thin hair, use products that are made specifically for thin hair. If you have coarse or frizzy hair, choose products that are made to help improve your hair. If you have dry, damaged or colored hair, there are also products tailored to meet your needs. Using the right products will go a long way in keeping your hair healthy.

4. Use Sun Screen

Any hair products that you use in your hair, especially styling products like mousse, hairspray and pomades, need to contain sunscreen. Just as with our skin, our hair can become easily damaged by the sun's rays. Having an SPF of 15 or more will help protect our hair shafts and prevent them from drying out or becoming damaged.

5. Use One Chemical Treatment on your hair Only

Take your pick: perm or color? If you don't choose just one of the two, your hair will be left damaged beyond repair and will be frizzy and unmanageable.

6. Wet Hair is a Wide Toothed Comb Only Zone

Never should you run a brush through your wet hair. There is nothing more damaging than using anything other than a basic wide toothed comb on wet or damp hair. This helps prevent breakage and split ends.

7. Choose Textured Styles

Textured styles will not only help reduce the amount of time you will need to take styling your hair, but it will also make your hair look fantastic!


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