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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

I have been publishing Bizarre News for almost 20 years now. Since 1999, if you can believe it. In Internet years that is ancient.

Back then email was king. That is how everybody stayed in touch, got their news and their entertainment. That is how Bizarre News was born. But today is an age of social media.

So rather than forcing faithful Bizarre News readers to constantly and exclusively go to their email to read Bizarre News, I am expanding our reach to include Facebook.

I have to admit I was never much of a Facebook user, but now that I'm goofing around with it, it's pretty fun! I'm just getting started, but I'm hoping to have a big Facebook presence. You can help out!

Go to Bizarre News and join the Friends of Bizarre News group.

I'm still going to be publishing Bizarre News via email, but now it will be popping up in your Facebook feed and you can comment on the stories, share them, and contribute, too.

Thanks for your help and I'll see you online!


P.S. It's official. We have launched the Bizarre News web page. It has everything the email newsletter has and more. More stories, pictures, comments, and videos. Who knows, you could be the Bizarre Reader of the month! Click

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*--- Now That's Just a Waste of Good Whiskey ---*

One man was taken into custody by police and another man is wanted over disturbing animal abuse. People saw a disturbing video of the animal abuse being shared online and forwarded it to police in Georgia. Police arrested 28-year-old Sergio Palomares-Guzman, a horse trainer, on a ranch in Gwinnett County. According to police, Palomares-Guzman was seen on video holding the goat's horns while a second suspect inserted cocaine into its nose. Palomares-Guzman then forced the goat's mouth open while the second suspect poured whiskey into it. Apparently there's not much to do for fun in Georgia. Palomares-Guzman is facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty and he may be deported as ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has placed a detainer on him. Authorities said that the goat is in good condition and is with the Gwinnett Animal Shelter until a fine home is found for it.


*- WARNING: Smoking Is Hazardous To Your Health -*

A woman suffered serious injuries after her boyfriend pumped gas into a garbage can in their car while she was smoking a cigarette, according to police in Washington. The Grant County Sheriff's Office said that the woman was hospitalized with burns after her vehicle caught fire, which was caused by her companion pumping gas into a garbage can inside their car. Deputies learned that the 1988 Ford Tempo had parked at the gas pumps and a man had attempted to pump gasoline into a garbage can, which he had in the back seat. The female passenger, who was smoking a cigarette, apparently caused the fumes to ignite, engulfing the car. The woman got out of the car but sustained severe burns. The man ran away from the scene on foot. After the fire was out, deputies discovered a large quantity of marijuana in the trunk of the car.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Please keep the political name calling about 'libtards' out of your newsletter - I get enough of this shit on random FB posts that have nothing to do with politics.
[That was a reader comment. Readers comment about their opinions. I really don't feel it's my place to censor readers' opinions, unless of course they're REALLY stupid.]

Just thought you might be interested in knowing that both of your Best Of Bizarre News books are available on Amazon. Or maybe you already knew that. -Chris
[I did find The Best of Bizarre News II on Amazon. There were only 10,000 of those printed. I'm surprised there are still copies floating around out there. Even I only have 3 or 4 copies left, and I wrote the thing.]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*