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Monday, February 19, 2018

Good morning crew,

My tax appointment last Friday went pretty much as expected; for the first time I have to write the government a check.

You know, ol' Mason said to me once, "You don't live to work, you work to live." Which is true, but it goes both ways.

Well, there's a solution to every problem. Lots of people have three jobs these days.

Laugh it up,


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"A cellist in Oregon was arrested after police found over 100 pounds of marijuana in his car trunk. Thankfully, when they pulled him over, he didn't resort to violins." -Seth Meyers


"Valentine's Day: the day women all around the world wait eagerly to discover the new and wonderful ways their husbands and boyfriends will disappoint them." -Jimmy Kimmel


"Two hundred cows recently died in a field in Wisconsin. Nobody knows the cause of death, but they suspect boredom." -Conan O'Brien


A young mother was standing outside a mall holding her six- month-old baby and her sister's three-month-old baby.

Two women approached the mother. "Are they twins?" one asked.

"No, they're three months apart."

"My! You sure had them close together."

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes --------------*

Two older, successful businessmen met at a resort. One who had recently retired was describing his life, "I get up late in the morning, have a light breakfast and then I lie down on my veranda for a few hours and relax.

In the afternoon I go inside for lunch, have a great salad, fruits and cold fish, then I spend the rest of the afternoon boating or playing golf or tennis...

When it starts to get dark I have a great dinner with the finest wines. I smoke a Cuban cigar. Then I go lie on my veranda again."

The other gentleman acknowledges that this is a life to be envied. Later he reported the conversation to his wife. She asked, "What's his wife's name?"

Her husband said, "I'm not sure, but I think it's Veranda."