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Looking Good - February 21, 2018

*-- 5 Tips for Long and Full Lashes --*

We know the drill. Long lashes really finish off a look, and mascara is one of the staples no makeup bag should be without. But, as evidenced by the latest onslaught of lash growth treatments, it's clear that females are always on the lookout for new and better ways to get longer, lusher lashes. We've got some easy tips that will help you get enviable fringe.

1. Maximize Your Curl: Curling your lashes opens up the eye. If your eyes are on the smaller side, curled lashes will instantly make them appear larger. The best way to curl your lashes is to press in sections-at the root of the lash, at the middle, and at the tip. You don't need to clamp down with the curler, just squeeze lightly.

2. Coat Evenly: Place the brush at the base of your lashes, jiggle it slightly, and pull it through in a slow zigzag motion. This will provide an even coat without weighing them down.

3. Prevent Clumps: For gorgeous, clump-free lashes, apply two coats of your favorite mascara, then comb through with a fine-tooth lash comb. The tool costs less than a dollar at most beauty supply stores and will separate your lashes.

4. Trick Them To Appear Fuller: If you have sparse lashes, draw tiny dots between each eyelash with a black pencil. This creates a dark base, making lashes appear thicker - without mascara.

5. Don't Forget Your Lower Lashes: Applying mascara to the lower lashes really completes the overall look, but many of us don't know how to do it properly. To apply, just lightly tap the mascara wand against your lashes to give them just a hint of color and definition. Use a waterproof formula for better staying power.


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