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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A British man had his heart broken by the woman whose life he saved.

Simon Louis, 49, and Mary Emmanuelle, 41, both of London, were best friends for many years and they had been dating for sometime when she became sick. Emmanuelle's kidneys had failed and she needed to find a donor for an organ transplant in order to save her life.

Louis stood by her side and helped his girlfriend throughout her illness. Louis decided to donate his kidney to the woman he loved. He got tested and was a match.

The couple underwent surgery at the Guy’s Hospital, and after they both recovered, Louis asked her to marry him. To his surprise, Emmanuelle turned down the marriage proposal.

Despite his disappointment, Louis maintained that he had no regrets about donating his kidney to save the woman's life.

"I offered her my heart but I had to settle with giving her my kidney. Whatever happens, I'll never regret giving her the gift of life," Louis said.

Emmanuelle wants to continue her friendship with Louis. "He is my very best friend and always will be. The love between us is real. He could have died doing what he did for me."


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*- Blind Woman Selected as Beauty Pageant Judge -*

A woman who is blind was chosen as a judge to help determine the winner of a beauty pageant in Canada. Officials of the Mrs. Canada Globe announced that 31-year-old Ashley Nemeth of Regina, Saskatchewan, will join the panel of 6 judges because of her ability to recognize inner beauty. Nemeth became blind as a child. She is a married mother of several children and a blogger who is trying to break down stereotypes about blindness. The organization wrote on Instagram: "Excited to introduce celebrity judge Ashley Nemeth who will be joining our judging panel this weekend at the Mrs. Canada Globe Pageant. Ashley Nemeth is recognized as a vocal advocate who breaks down barriers for the blind and partially sighted community."


*------------ No Ifs, Ands or Butts ------------*

Authorities in Portugal said a man who arrived in the country from Brazil was found to be hiding 2.2 pounds of cocaine in a set of false butt cheeks. The Portuguese Judicial Police said the Tax and Customs Authority stopped the 32-year-old man at Liston Airport when they determined he was under investigation by the National Anti-Narcotics Trafficking Unit. The man was searched and officers discovered he was was wearing a false derriere filled with 2.2 pounds of cocaine. Police said a 40-year-old man who is suspected of being the intended recipient of the drugs were arrested at a train station in Lisbon. Both men were detained on drug trafficking charges.

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We have school shootings and Great Britain has naked women rolling around in the streets. How the hell did that happen?

Leave it to Oregon to replace golf caddies with goats. Didn't they finally make it illegal to fuck the livestock up there? Must be a real temptation to lure your caddie behind the bushes with a little alfalfa.

With all of the pollution and industrial poison in China, a few X-rays are the least of their worries. You should read up about what the environmental conditions are like over there. Lakes full of sewage, heavy metals in the water, recycled food! What do you think they're going to do with one and a quarter billion people when their environment can't support them anymore?

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