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It's no small thing to be called GopherCentral's "Flagship Title." But that's a distinction Bizarre News has carried throughout our entire publishing history. And why? It could be because it's just too BIZARRE!

Your editor, Lewis, is not put off by controversy, scandal or even much reliability. Twice-a-week he brings you the weirdest stories he can find, along with odd facts, obscure trivia and plenty of outrageous readers' contributions. And you'll enjoy cruising around our new Bizarre web page at

Take a bizarre journey around the country and across the globe to chronicle the weird, the strange, the supernatural and, yes, even the stupid!

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As the editor of Clean Laffs I am frequently at odds with Steve, the editor of The Daily Groaner, over dibs on the puns and eye-rollers that come through the office. We're constantly stealing from each other. Well, he more from me because I typically have the better material. But then, as far as groaners are concerned, the worse the better, so his publication is probably better than mine!

Get all that?

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