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Phunny Pictures - December 30, 2017

Howdy Folks,

Well, this will do it fer 2017! Can you believe it? I don't believe it, but i recently got a desk calendar from my insureance company, so now I can beleave that its a gonna be 2018. Now, all I need is a desk.

Hope 2017 was good fer y'all! And I hope that 2018 is even better!

Take Care Y'all

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Here's the Top caption submissions as incompetently judged by Jethro:

This is not what I meant by snowmobile.

Man, that new car of mine has powerful A/C!

Daddy, the car's out of antifreeze again!

aaa anyone?

Told you I had a cool ride!

I thought the forecast said "Cloudy and nice" not "Cloudy and ice!"

Digging my way to a warmer climate

The coolest car in town

No son, you can't ice fish there.

Does anyone know if we are expecting snow today?

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