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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Greetings Thrifty Friends,

The best part of the holidays is getting together with family and friends but it can be expensive. Let's take a look at how you can cut down on the cost of throwing a party and still have fun with your loved ones.

Keep pinchin' those pennies,

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Make it a team effort: Team up with a friend or family member to host the party. Tag-team hosting can cut your expenses in half, reduce your workload and double your potential guest list -- just make sure you choose the right co-host and not a slacker.

Borrow stuff: Rather than buying disposable glasses, utensils and plates, borrow from family and friends. Put the word out you need help with decorations and festive CDs for the event.

Clean your house. If you are anything like me you save gift bags, boxes, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, decorations and even wrapping paper (yes, I have been known to reuse particularly nice wrapping paper). Now is the time to take an inventory of all that holiday paraphernalia BEFORE you start buying new stuff at the stores. You'll be amazed at what you have left over (and stuffed in a closet) from last year.

Comparison shop for food: start clipping coupons and comparing prices at area grocery stores, dollar stores and warehouse clubs.

Plan quantities carefully: Avoid under- and over-buying food, only to end up with a refrigerator full of fattening treats. For example: Plan 6-ounces of meat, three ounce of cheese and 1-2 rolls per person.

Go with a potluck: Most people, at least those with any manners, will ask what they can bring. Don't hesitate to spread the expense around a bit by encouraging a pot-luck atmosphere. Those who shy away from cooking can always bring chips and dip or drinks.