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What's deal with all of these 'aftershows' that have been pop-up with high-profile programs? The Walking Dead has The Talking Dead. Game of Thrones has After the Thrones. And so on and so forth. Now Stranger Things is getting one.

Netflix announced Thursday a Stranger Things aftershow titled Beyond Stranger Things that will launch alongside the upcoming second season of the supernatural series.

The show, hosted by writer, producer, actor and super fan Jam Rash, will analyze Season 2 episodes and feature stars from the series who will share behind-the-scene stories, noted The Hollywood Reporter.

Beyond Stranger Things will last for seven episodes with Netflix advising fans not to watch it until they finish Season 2 as key moments from the new season will be discussed. The aftershow will begin on Oct. 27 -- the same day Stranger Things Season 2 premieres.

A trailer for Beyond Stranger Things features Rash sharing a roundtable with stars Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, director Shawn Levy and creators Ross and Matt Duffer.

"Beyond Stranger Things tackles inspiration for the series, behind-the-scenes stories, and analyzes every aspect of the second season - answering all the burning questions," reads the synopsis.

Other Stranger Things stars that are set to appear on the aftershow include Sean Astin, Linnea Berthelsen, Natalia Dyer, Brett Gelman, David Harbour, Randy Havens, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Dacre Montgomery, Paul Reiser, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink.

Stranger Things Season 2 premiered Friday on Netflix. I've got to get watching that. Not the aftershow, but that actual show. Stranger Things is good!

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Ashley Judd on Harvey Weinstein: 'I thought no meant no'
Ashley Judd is opening up about her encounter with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

The 49-year-old actress said in an interview with ABC News that Weinstein "ignored" her protests when he allegedly sexually harassed her in a hotel room during her early career.

Judd was filming the movie Kiss the Girls when Weinstein invited her to a Beverly Hills hotel for "a business appointment." She said the producer asked to give her a massage once she was in the room, then asked for her to give him one.

"I thought no meant no," the star told Diane Sawyer. "I fought with this volley of nos, which he ignored. Who knows, maybe he heard them as 'maybe.' Maybe he heard them as 'yeses.' Maybe they turned him on."

Judd said Weinstein also asked her to watch him take a shower, and that she ultimately offered the producer a deal in order to escape his advances.

"He kept coming back at me with all this other stuff," the actress said. "And finally I just said, 'When I win an Oscar in one of your movies, OK?' And he was like, 'Yeah, when you get nominated.' I said, "No, when I win an Oscar.' And then I just fled."

Judd said she recounted part of her experience to her mom, singer Naomi Judd, who recently encouraged her to come forward. Judd went public in a New York Times report published Oct. 5 detailing multiple instances of Weinstein's alleged abuse and harassment.

"What I'd say to Harvey is I love you and I understand that you're sick... there's help for a guy like you," the actress told Sawyer.

Judd thanked fans for their support Thursday on Twitter, saying coming forward was "the right thing to do."

Selma Blair, Rachel McAdams accuse James Toback of sexual harassment
Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams have joined the other 38 women who have accused filmmaker James Toback of sexual harassment.

Blair and McAdams shared their accounts of meeting with Toback about the film Harvard Man Thursday in a story published by Vanity Fair.

"Against my better judgment, I went upstairs," Blair shared of her encounter with Toback.

"I went in the room feeling a little off balance about the arrangement, but he seemed nonplussed. He pulled out the script and said, 'I look at you, and I see that we have a real connection. You could be an incredible actress, just by your eyes. But I can tell you don't have confidence,'" before noting how the director then asked her to "do this monologue naked."

"I do remember looking down at the script and seeing my bare chest, and not being able to focus on anything but the words and my face being so hot and puffy, and feeling so ashamed," Blair said. The actress stated that after she denied Toback sex, she allowed him to touch her while he masturbated after he stopped her from leaving.

McAdams shared a similar story about meeting Toback for Harvard Man detailing how upon arriving, he admitted to masturbating while thinking of her.

"Eventually, I just excused myself. I can't remember how long I was there. I felt like I was there forever. This has been such a source of shame for me -- that I didn't have the wherewithal to get up and leave," McAdams said.

After explaining what happened to her agent, McAdams said she discovered that another of the agent's clients went through the same thing with Toback. "That is when I got mad, because I felt like I was kind of thrown into the lion's den and given no warning that he was a predator," she said. "This was something that he was known for doing already."

Toback has denied the allegations made against him by the 38 women and offered no comment when asked about Blair and McAdams' allegations.

"I think that it's important to accept the idea that your heartbreak is an important thing that helps you be more human."
--Anna Faris, on not believing in closure, on her Unqualified book tour

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Castle' cast member will star in ABC cop dramedy 'The Rookie'?

Sean Hayes recounts health scare: 'My small intestine burst'
Sean Hayes was rushed to the hospital this month after his "small intestine burst open."

The 47-year-old actor said on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he had emergency surgery after experiencing "excruciating pain" in his abdomen.

"I went to bed at night and all of the sudden I felt this excruciating pain in my stomach, so I went to the ER," Hayes recounted. "Thank God I did. I had a very rare thing where my small intestine burst open and it was poisoning my body."

"They went in there and they clipped off the bad part and put it back together," he said of the procedure. "Two, three weeks ago, maybe. Isn't it amazing? They go right in your stomach ... through your belly button."

Hayes was supposed to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month, but postponed his visit due to the surgery. He met the cast of the Netflix series Stranger Things while filming his Ellen episode Wednesday.

"Hanging with the AHmazing cast of @strangerthingstv backstage at @theellenshow today. @finnwolfhardofficial @gatenm123 @therealcalebmclaughlin @noahschnapp," he captioned a photo of himself with the actors.

Hayes plays Jack McFarland on the NBC series Will & Grace, which was revived in January for a ninth season that premiered in September. He told DeGeneres it's "great" to be working again with the same cast and crew.

'Grey's Anatomy' loses series regular in Season 14
Popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy has lost another series regular.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter she "loved" giving Martin Henderson's character, Dr. Nathan Riggs, "a happy ending" before his departure in Season 14, Episode 5.

"I loved that we were able to give Riggs a happy ending worthy of his character and talent," Rhimes said.

"As for Martin, this is not an ending for our relationship," she added. "He has been part of the Shondaland family since the pilot of Inside the Box and he will always be family. I can't wait to find a new project to work with him on in the future."

Thursday's episode explored the history between Riggs, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Owen's sister, Dr. Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), including Nathan's original proposal to Megan and how he cheated on her. It also showed Megan driving to meet Nathan and her son, Farouk, in the present day after accepting Nathan's second proposal.

"I love Nathan and Farouk eating their food by the ocean. Scared. Not knowing. But just... trusting they'll figure it out. #GreysAnatomy #TGIT," Rhimes tweeted.

The episode also featured Owen returning home to Seattle, where he and wife Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) mutually decided to end their marriage. The split leaves Owen free to potentially explore a romance with Teddy Altman (Kim Raver).

"Sometimes we have to breakup with an ideal for a happy. A real happy. A feel-it-in-your-fingers happy. #GreysAnatomy #TGIT," Rhimes wrote.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. The series stars Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens, Jr.

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Castle' cast member will star in ABC cop dramedy 'The Rookie'?

Nathan Fillion -- who starred on ABC's Castle for eight seasons -- is returning to the network with a new cop dramedy called The Rookie.

"Such a dream to be fighting crime again with @NathanFillion," former Castle showrunner and Rookie writer-producer Alexi Hawley tweeted Thursday. said the show is based on the true story of the oldest rookie on the Los Angeles Police Department. Fillion is 46 in real life.

The Hollywood Reporter said ABC ordered The Rookie straight to series, instead of going through the pilot tryout process.

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