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Looking Good - October 2, 2017

*-- Learning How To Trim Your Cuticles --*

Having uneven and unsightly cuticles is not only bad to look at, but it can also be bad for your fingernails' health! Unruly cuticle can cause for you to have those pesky painful hangnails that can cause damage to your nail bed, and to the nail itself.

Learning how to properly maintain and take care of your cuticles is important and should be a part of your manicure routine. If you are looking to control those cuticles, keep reading for detailed steps on how to do so.

Keep your Hands Moisturized

If you haven't been using hand lotion several times a day already, now is definitely the time to start. A hand that is dry leads to cuticles that are dried out. Dried out cuticles can cause hangnails, or they can become infected which is both unhealthy and painful. You can also keep your cuticles moisturized by:

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day. The water you drink every day helps moisturize your skin too.

Pay particular attention to your cuticles when moisturizing. Lay a thick amount of lotion or cream over top of the cuticles and rub it in to your cuticles 2-3 times a day.

Invest in a cuticle cream that promises to hydrate and repair your cuticles. This may be the best bet for anyone who already has dried out cuticles. If your cuticles are infected, it may be best to go to a doctor and have them prescribe an ointment for your fingers.

The Trimming Process

So how can you tame these ragged and unsightly cuticles? Here's how you can do it:

Start off by applying a cuticle removing cream to both the base of your nails, and the sides of your nails. Rub it in and let it just sit for about a minute or two.

Take an orange stick and gently push back the cuticles so that they are back at the base of the nail and aren't extending past that point. Make sure you are being gentle with your nails and not overly aggressive, as this will only irritate the cuticle and the nail bed, and compromise your nail's health.

If you do happen to have any loose skin, very carefully snip off any skin with a sharp pair of nail scissors. It may be a good idea to apply an antibacterial ointment overtop of these cuticles so as to prevent any infection of the cuticle while they heal.

How can I get rid of Hangnails?

The worst thing you can do for a hangnail is to pull it. It's not difficult to infect a nail that has a hangnail that has been pulled, so resist all temptation and just let it stay put. Take a clean pair of sharp manicure scissors and snip off the hang nail at the base. Apply an antibacterial ointment to the area to help prevent and fight off any infection, and then cover up the area with a band-aid.


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