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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A groom in the United Kingdom thought his bride was very generous when she offered to arrange his bachelor party. However, the deceitful woman had other plans as she ran away with money and called off the wedding.

Chris Mahone, 27, and his friends were excited to travel to Ibiza, Spain, to celebrate his bachelor party.

The group of 29 friends paid a total of 13,200 British pounds (about $17,500) for the airline tickets and hotel rooms. However, when the group arrived at the Leeds-Bradford airport, they learned that they had been conned by the bride, 29-year-old Rachel Doran. Doran had given the men documents, which appeared to be from a tour company, but they turned out to be fake.

After learning that their tickets were never paid for, the groom called the hotel, where they were supposed to stay, and he learned that the rooms were never booked either.

When Mahone tried called his fiancee for an explanation, she had vanished from the home they shared, and she went into hiding.

Since some of the men had taken time off from work, they decided to go ahead with their planned trip despite losing their money to Doran's scam.

However, the brokenhearted groom was not in the mood of going on a trip. He went home to file a police report against Doran.

Mahone posted a message on Facebook, in which he apologized to his friends. "I totally want to apologize to all my fantastic mates who were going to celebrate what was supposed to be my stag do. I can't apologize enough. I'm sorry boys, I really am."


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*--------- Around the World in 78 Days ---------*

A British cyclist set a new world record by biking around the world in less than 80 days. Ultra-endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont rode his bicycle 18,000 miles, across 16 different countries in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes to set the Guinness World Record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle. "This has been, without doubt, the most punishing challenge I have ever put my body and mind through," Beaumont said. He began the journey in France on July 2 and made his way through frigid sub-zero winters in Australia and New Zealand and the possibility of lingering bad weather in the United States from Hurricane Irma before ending the feat by rolling through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Beaumont broke the previous world record of 123 days and 43 minutes held by Andrew Nicholson from New Zealand, on the path he dubbed the "Artemis World Cycle." During the journey he also broke a world records for the farthest distance cycled in one month with 7,031 miles. "This was a fantastic milestone to achieve during the challenge of getting around the world in eighty days. I hope it is used as a marker for other cyclists to go and smash in the near future," he said.


*- World's first Sand Hostel open in Australia -*

A handful of lucky winners were given the opportunity to stay in a hostel made entirely out of sand in Australia. Mad Max and The Blue Lagoon World production designer Jon Dowding designed the "Sand Hostel" on The Gold Coast, Kurrawa Terrace. "Hostelworld North America and Destination Gold Coast have transformed beautiful Broadbeach into a hostel made out of sand - featuring everything your dream hostel would include: an outdoor bar, beach volleyball, comfy beds, good vibes, DJs and live music," the hostel's Facebook page states. Denis "Sandman" Masoud used 24 tons of sand to craft the unique hostel featuring an eight-bed dorm and a private double room. A total of 10 people were chosen to stay at the pop-up hostel, complete with free food, drinks and other luxuries.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Hello Lewis, In Texas during the 1980s it was legal to drink one can of beer while driving a car any where, even on a highway. I wonder if someone just hated the mayor and resorted to reporting this to the cops. -Jay

Lewis, love the strange stuff. As for the guy who got his little part in a dumbbell, those holes are small. Ten minutes with my EX to and he could have easily slipped out. She had a way.... James

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