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Looking Good - September 20, 2017

*-- Several More Tips for Tea Tree Oil --*

Tea Tree Oil has shown to be effective in treating gum problems. Of course, it should not be used as an excuse not to see a dentist or as an exception.

For those of you who currently have gum problems, brushing your teeth with 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil added to your current toothpaste, twice a day, will inhibit bacteria growth which leads to gum disease and Gingivitis.

Since Tea Tree oil can heal, it also can benefit the gums. Put your toothpaste on your toothbrush and add the drops right on top of the toothpaste. Do this and your dentist will notice the difference in your gums on your next visit if you are currently seeing one for gum troubles.

Yes, it does not taste too great, but if it can help you hang onto your choppers, it's worth it isn't it? I personally use this particular tip and admit I grimace at the taste, so I wait a few miutes to make sure the Tea Tree Oil has penetrated the gums enough and then rinse my mouth out with an antiseptic mouthwash.

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Nasal congestion...Sprinkle 3 drops of Tea Tree oil on a hot, wet, washcloth. Place over the nose for five minutes and you will be breathing much easier.

Athletes Foot...Apply Tea Tree oil to the areas twice daily. If the condition is very bad and needs more treatment, soak the areas in a 50-50 mixture of Tea Tree oil and olive oil. Do this daily for 3-5 days in a row. This treatment will remove the outer layers of skin and the fungus which is causing the problem that hides underneath the skin.

A loaf pan is ideal to soak the feet in. Mix 1 ounce of Tea Tree oil and 1 ounce of olive oil in a jar that you can close after use. This amount should be enough for five foot soaks. Close the jar and save for the next day's treatment.

Cold Sores...Applying it when you first feel one coming on can cut the outbreak down and applying it when you do have a cold sore can heal and get rid of it quickly. Just dab it on the cold sore a few times a day...

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That just about does it for the "Tips for Tea Tree Oil".

And FYI, if an allergic reaction occurs, Tea Tree oil should be discontinued immediately...If you turn bright red, blow up like a balloon, and either itch or burn...You are allergic...discontinued immediately!


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