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Looking Good - September 13, 2017

*-- More Tips for Tea Tree Oil --*

Are you ready for more tips on uses for Tea Tree Oil?

I will be honest with you upfront and tell you that Tea Tree oil is GREAT STUFF! The benefits far outweigh the less than pleasant smell, and luckily, the smell does go away.

Over the next few issues, you will be amazed at how many things tea tree oil is good for. But remember, Tea Tree oil is NOT to be substituted for medical treatment should you need it.

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Acne...Applying Tea Tree oil directly to the blemishes and the surrounding areas twice daily will speed the healing. Applying it at night is best as one of the times...

Minor burns...Wash the burn area right away with ICE water. Apply Tea Tree Oil directly to the burned area. This will speed healing, prevent infection, and reduce scarring...

Insect Bites and Stings...Apply Tea Tree oil directly to the affected area. If the area is a large one, mix 5 drops of Tea Tree oil with 5 drops of olive oil. This will immediately reduce the discomfort of stings and rashes that itch...

Order your 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil Today for just $7.99


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