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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Who wouldn't take a peek? It's human nature. But five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center were suspended for three weeks after they inappropriately viewed a deceased patient's body and talked about it, a hospital spokesman confirmed.

The nurses admired the size of the deceased patient's genitals and at one point opened a body bag to view parts of the body.

A different nurse heard one of the disciplined nurses make a comment that the nurse felt was inappropriate and reported it to hospital staff, Denver Health Medical Center spokesman Josh Rasmussen said.

"Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased," a Denver Police report says. Denver Police responded to the incident but say the decision was made to have Denver Health Medical Center handle the issue internally.

"A DPD officer did speak with one of our on-call prosecutors at the time," Ken Lane, communications director for the Denver District Attorney's Office, said. "They determined there was insufficient evidence to prove a crime was committed, no charges were filed, and referred the matter back to Denver Health to handle internally."

Rasmussen said he could not provide the names of the nurses involved. It was not reported exactly how big the body part was.


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*-- Fest Goers Milk Woman For All She's Worth --*

A woman offered her breast milk to fellow attendees at Burning Man, for lattes and hangover cures. Miki Agrawal shared photos of herself pumping breast milk while walking around the festival to share with other guests. "I pumped my breasts every three hours at Burning Man and gave away most of my milk," Argawal wrote. "Some people downed a whole four ounces hoping for a hangover cure. Some wanted it for their coffee to make lattes." Argawal estimated that about 30 to 40 people tried her breast milk and she gave a bag to a coffee camp. "They had regular, soy and breast milk as the options," she said. Argawal tried some herself, noting it tasted like sweet coconut milk, but said the experience helped her notice a lack of awareness about motherhood. Argawal added that she believes it's time to have "a greater conversation about" why people find it uncomfortable to discuss breast pumping.


*- Diplomatic Immunity (Has Just Been Revoked) -*

Police announced that they will not charge a girl in connection with the stabbing of a boy because she has diplomatic immunity. Police were called to the British International School of Washingtonon a report of a stabbing. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found a 13-year-old boy suffering from stab wounds to the shoulders. The 12-year-old girl used a knife to stab the boy. The girl was taken into custody, but she was quickly released after declaring her diplomatic immunity. Police cannot arrested diplomats or their family members. They are also exempt from prosecution. The boy was rushed to the Children's National Medical Center, where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Lewis, in regards of the 2 females who dressed as nuns to rob a bank, how do we know they were really females? This reminds me of a 1990's British movie with Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane where 2 robbers betray their fellow robber gang and hide out at a local convent disguised as nuns. -Steve

Unlawful surveillance for taping your wife ****ing another guy? You know what? It's probably worth it. You know the old saying; the worst revenge you can take on the guy who steals your wife is to let him keep her.

Who brings an ax to rob a convenience store? Another part of that story I don't understand is what they meant by "the suspect pulled out an ax..." Pulled it out from where? That's not something you can conceal by stuffing it down your pants. I think if I saw some maniac coming at my with an ax he just pulled out of his pants, I'd run the other way and to hell with the shop-lifting.

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*