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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A man who walked into a mixed martial arts studio with loaded gun ended up heading to hospital after he was "subdued by another man inside the facility," police said.

Matthew Lloyd was carrying a "black messenger-style bag" as he entered Defiant MMA in Burbank, California. It is unclear what his intentions were, but local media reported that police suspect the 30-year-old was about to attempt an armed robbery.

When police arrived at the scene, Lloyd was "being subdued by another male inside the facility." Lightweight MMA fighter Jacobe Powell, knocked the gun out of the suspect's hand and pinned him down until police arrived to take him into custody," Burbank Police said in a statement.

"In order to protect himself, the instructor used martial arts to control and subdue the suspect until police arrived," they added. "It was learned the suspect was in fact armed with a loaded handgun, which was inside the messenger bag."

No shots were fired within the gym. But numerous chest and fist bumps were reported afterward.


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A man who swam out into the ocean to elude North Carolina police managed to escape from a shark and a drone camera, but not the long arm of the law. The Surf City Police Department said Zachary Kingsbury, 20, was pulled over and officers asked him to step out of the car when they spotted what appeared to be illegal drugs inside the vehicle. Police said Kingsbury ran into the ocean and started swimming out to sea. The police department deployed a camera drone to track the swimming suspect and the aircraft managed to keep pace with Kingsbury for about an hour before losing visual contact approximately 4,000 feet from shore. The video recorded by the drone shows a shark swimming nearby Kingsbury at one point during his swim, but the man failed to capture the predator's attention and it left him alone. Kingsbury was finally located near the Wicker Avenue Beach Access in North Topsail Beach. He was arrested on multiple drug-related charges.


*------ Wasn't Ben Affleck In This Movie? ------*

Two women dressed up as nuns and tried to rob a bank before running away, according to police in Pennsylvania. Pocono Township police said that they are looking for the two women, who were not identified, after coming into the bank and waving guns to get the tellers to hand them over cash. According to the police investigation, the two 'nuns' walked into the Citizens Bank and pulled out guns. They demanded money from the tellers. Suddenly, the two nuns fled from scene before getting any cash. Police do not know why the two nuns got scared. No injuries were reported.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

"The description of the bus was given..." What need would there be to give a description for a stolen school bus?
[In this case there was an asshole behind the wheel.]

Naked tandem jump?
1. ew. There's got to be a surcharge involved.
2. Bet they made him put on the harness by himself.
3. Windburn.

The woman told police that she is on probation for battery and that she "wouldn't do anything to mess that up." That was her reasoning for why she wouldn't have violently attacked her husband? Because she has a history of it? It is for this exact reason that lawyers tell you never to talk to police. Because most people are complete idiots.

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