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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hello Music lovers,

Have you ever heard of an artist filming a music video at Six Flags? On top of that, with 6 of his fans? Ben Rector reveals a roller coaster of emotions during his "Brand New" music video.

"Ditching his budget to fly 6 fans to Six Flags because...roller coasters" -Ben

It’s so amazing that he feels strong enough to put his fans first over the content of his video. Overall, the video turned out great with the thrilling feel of riding roller coasters and running around an amusement park all day. Along with incorporating live clips from his concerts giving the video a little extra something out of the ordinary.

The video appears that it was a blast to film. They didn't care if anyone saw them dancing, eating funnel cakes, winning ginormous stuffed animals, or smiling. Their emotions throughout the video matched perfectly for the upbeat, fun song.

I can't imagine this video not making you happy, check it out here!

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Ben Rector - Brand New
Instead of blowing his budget on music video special effects, Ben Rector decided to just take his fans to Six Flags and shoot the video there!

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