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MOUTHPIECE - September 5, 2017

Good Afternoon,

Since I have been able to read I love checking out the messages hidden inside of fortune cookies. Sometimes they can be funny. Sometimes they can be profound. Sometimes they can even be confusing. But, today, you'll find out that there are some fortunes that you will wish you did not read.

Plus, we have quotes, celebrate The Lost Boys 30th Anniversary, and learn of the 50 Best Samurai Films of All Time. Plenty of stuff to be enjoyed by your eyes, ears, and mind.

Mouthing Off,

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[m] q u o t e s . o f . t h e . d a y

"I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet."
--Rodney Dangerfield

"Truth is more of a stranger than fiction."
--Mark Twain

"You can observe a lot just by watching."
--Yogi Berra

[m] What's On the Web?

The Lost Boys 30th Anniversary

It's the 30th Anniversary of the most '80s vampire movie EVER! It's got mullets, The Corey's, a greased up sax man, and the scariest Kiefer Sutherland this side of last call.

Visit: The Lost Boys 30th Anniversary

The 50 Best Samurai Films of All Time

Do you like samurai movies? Here's a list of the 50 Best Samurai Films of All Time. They're a cut above the rest!

Visit: The 50 Best Samurai Films of All Time

[m] b i t s . n . b o b s

*-- Top 10 Least Desirable Fortunes in a Fortune Cookie --*

1. We know where you live.

2. You will need good reading material in approximately 15 minutes.

3. Everyone's meal today is on you!

4. The "special sauce" came from the floor!

5. Guess what our special "drop" was in our Egg Drop Soup and win a free meal!

6. Your colon will self destruct in five seconds.

7. A recent prison escapee that is sitting near by wants to love you long time.

8. Your dog Sparky...he's no longer missing.

9. See the waiter about our new food poison life insurance policies.

10. MSG? NO!! Swine Flu....maybe


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