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Looking Good - August 16, 2017

*-- Tips for Thinning Hair --*

Whether your hair is temporarily thinning due to a medical treatment or condition like alopecia, or you suffer from chronically thin hair, don't fret! There are several thin hair styles many fashion experts use every day that can make your hair look thick and luscious. Instead of reaching instantly for a Rogaine product or special shampoo, you can instead use a specific cut or style to help you get the look you want. Use these hair tips and ideas to help you learn how to use easy hair style technique and cut options to create flattering locks out of your fine tresses.

1. Cut It Short

If you're hair is straight and you long for more shape, it's time to cut it short. When fine hair is cut short, it instantly eliminates much of the weight of the hair. Thin hair of a longer length can be very heavy and drag down the hair, which will increase further hair loss and make your hair look even thinner. If your hair is thinning due to overstyling, it will give you hair a chance to regrow in a healthier way and can make it look much thicker. For an updated or contemporary short look, ask for longer or heavier top layers that will give you more volume and a very defined or blunt shape.

2. Rock The Bob

Although brands like Herbal Essence do offer volume enhancing shampoos, it's much more effective to get a natural and flattering hair cut if you're dealing with balding, hair thinning or just thin hair. If you're afraid to go too short, a bob might be your perfect solution. A great bob can be medium to short in length, but to get the most fluff from it, it's important the layers are all the same length. This makes your hair look much fuller and solid, giving you a very thick look and a longer bob will still let you put your hair up in an updo, if needed. Most often, this look will only work for ladies with straight hair. So, skip it if you have curly hair, unless you're willing to straighten it every day!

3. Add Some Curl or Wavy Effects

If you want to give medium or longer hair a little extra texture, you can always choose to change it from straight to curly or wavy. By nature, curls tend to add volume to the appearance of your hair and make it look thick and full. If you do get curls or waves in your hair, it can also allow your hair to be layered, without your hair looking flat.

4. Venture From Long To Medium

Some women would rather shave their head completely than cut their long hair into a short bob. If you're one of the few, don't freak out yet! There are a few solutions for you too. Putting cut and style aside, it might be helpful for you to color your hair. Although harsh coloring can indeed cause hair loss, you can use a darker, all-natural hair hue to help add the illusion of volume to your hair. Also, it's important to trim your hair at least a little. Think about cutting your hair at least to your collar bone. Try an all-one-length cut, with straight edges across the bottom, to make the ends look thicker.


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