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Where Are They Now - Friday, August 11, 2017

Hello fans,

Every summer I take time to re-watch all 4 Jaws movies. That's right, all 4 Jaws movies!

This year, by the time I got to Jaws: The Revenge, I began to wonder whatever happened to franchise star Lorraine Gary. She played Ellen Brody, wife of Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), in three out of the four of the Jaws movies.

Let's see what actress Lorraine Gary has been doing lately.

Take care,

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P.S. WHO PASSED ON THIS WEEK will NOT appear in this week's issue. I'm on vacation and I had to schedule it early. In the following week it will be back. Thanks for reading!


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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Eli Wallach: He has appeared in many, many movies in a long Hollywood career, including "Baby Doll", "The Magnificent Seven", "The Misfits", and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Jack Nance: He appeared in many of David Lynch's movies, including starring in "Eraserhead"

Elaine Joyce: Guest starred on numerous TV series as well as being a panelist on many TV game shows, including "Match Game", played Mavis Neff on the TV series "The Andy Griffith Show"

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Lorraine Gary

Learn More About Lorraine Gary on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: 16 August 1937, New York City, New York, USA

BIRTH NAME: Lorraine Gottfried

FAMILY LIFE: In 1956, Gary married entertainment industry executive Sidney Sheinberg, with whom she has two sons.

CLAIM TO FAME: Lorraine Gary is a retired American actress, best known for her role as Ellen Brody in Jaws, Jaws 2, and Jaws: The Revenge.

INFO: At age 16, she won a best actress award in a competition at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse.

Married to entertainment industry executive Sidney Sheinberg.

Has two sons with Sheinberg, Bill and Jonathan; both are film producers.

She produced and directed a series of fourteen educational videotapes for the Human Rights Watch Women's Rights Advisory Committee.

An Advisory Board Member of Ms. Magazine and Girls Learn International.

In 1995, together with her husband, Gary received the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Humanitarian Award.

TRIVIA: In Back to the Future (1985), Marty McFly's mother was named after her.

Mother of film producers Bill Sheinberg and Jonathan Sheinberg.

Attended Columbia University as a political science major.

She felt obliged to come out of her self-imposed retirement for the "Jaws" sequels.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: After the critical and commercial failure of Jaws: The Revenge, Lorraine Gary again retired from acting. She hasn't appeared in any films or television shows since.


1987 Jaws: The Revenge...Ellen Brody

1979 1941...Joan Douglas

1979 Just You and Me, Kid...Shirl

1978 Crash (TV Movie)...Emily Mulwray

1978 Jaws 2...Ellen Brody

1978 Zero to Sixty...Billy-Jon

1977 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden...Ester Blake

1976 Car Wash...Hysterical Lady

1976 Lanigan's Rabbi (TV Series)...Myra Galen
- Pilot

1975 Man on the Outside (TV Movie)

1975 Jaws...Ellen Brody

1974 The Rookies (TV Series)...Lynn Corey
- Rolling Thunder

1974 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series)...Jean Wainwright
- The Mugging

1974 Pray for the Wildcats (TV Movie)...Lila Summerfield

1973-1974 Kojak (TV Series)...Ruth Gardner / Ruthie
- Marker to a Dead Bookie (1974) ... Ruth Gardner
- The Marcus-Nelson Murders (1973) ... Ruthie

1968-1973 Ironside (TV Series)
- Fragile Is the House of Cards (1973) ... Ellen Wills
- Noel's Gonna Fly (1970) ... Elaine Potter
- Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us (1970) ... Patricia Kirk
- In Search of an Artist (1969) ... Leona Stuart
- Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 2 (1968) ... Nurse Green
- Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 1 (1968) ... Nurse Green
- All in a Day's Work (1968) ... Nancy Lewin

1973 The F.B.I. (TV Series)...Angela Norton
- The Confession

1973 The Wide World of Mystery (TV Series)...Liz Elliott
- A Prowler in the Heart

1973 Partners in Crime (TV Movie)...Margery Jordan

1971-1973 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (TV Series)...Annie Harker / Norma Pruitt
- They've Got to Blame Somebody (1973) ... Annie Harker
- A Lonely Stretch of Beach (1971) ... Norma Pruitt

1972 Night Gallery (TV Series)...Barbara Morgan
- She'll Be Company for You

1972 Hec Ramsey (TV Series)...Bella Grant
- Mystery of the Green Feather

1971-1972 McMillan & Wife (TV Series)...Monica Fontaine / Connie
- Cop of the Year (1972) ... Monica Fontaine
- Husbands, Wives, and Killers (1971) ... Connie

1971 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (TV Series)...Mrs. Madrid
- Operation: Crystal Springs

1971 The City (TV Movie)...Victoria Ulysses

1967-1970 The Virginian (TV Series)...Mrs. Nelson / Laura / Martha Young
- Hannah (1970) ... Mrs. Nelson
- The Stranger (1969) ... Laura
- Without Mercy (1967) ... Martha Young

1970 San Francisco International Airport (TV Series)
- The High Cost of Nightmares (1970)

1970 McCloud (TV Series)...Joan Stanford
- Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue

1970 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (TV Series)...Dr. Marion Lester
- If I Can't Sing, I'll Listen

1969 The Bold Ones: The Protectors (TV Series)...Margaret Sheehan
- A Case of Good Whiskey at Christmas Time

1969 The Name of the Game (TV Series)...Carla Frazier
- Breakout to a Fast Buck

1967 Dragnet 1967 (TV Series)...Mrs. Frank
- The Big Shipment

To see Then & Now pictures of Lorraine Gary, visit: Celebrity Nooz


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Eli Wallach - DEAD
Born: 12/07/1915 Died: 06/24/2014

Jack Nance - DEAD
Born: 12/21/1943 Died: 12/30/1996

Elaine Joyce - ALIVE
Born: 12/19/1945



Sanwar Lal Jat, 62, Indian politician, MP for Ajmer (since 2014), Minister of State for Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation (2014-2016), kidney failure.

Arleta, 72, Greek singer, songwriter and book illustrator, stroke.
Glen Campbell, 81, American singer ("Rhinestone Cowboy", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix") and actor (True Grit), Grammy winner (1967, 2015), Alzheimer's disease.
Barbara Cook, 89, American singer and actress (The Music Man, Sondheim on Sondheim, Candide), respiratory failure.
Dick MacPherson, 86, American football coach (UMass, Syracuse, New England Patriots).
Peteris Plakidis, 70, Latvian composer and pianist.
Rius, 83, Mexican intellectual, political cartoonist and writer.
Gonzague Saint Bris, 69, French novelist and biographer, Prix Interallié winner (2002), traffic collision.
Gyan Singh Sohanpal, 92, Indian politician, Speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly (2011).
Zeny Zabala, 80, Filipina actress.
Mattlan Zackhras, 47, Marshallese politician and diplomat, member of the Nitijela (since 2004), Minister in Assistance to the President of Marshall Islands (since 2016).
Jorge Zorreguieta, 89, Argentine businessman and politician, Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (1979-1981), leukemia.

Don Baylor, 68, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, California Angels) and manager (Colorado Rockies), World Series champion (1987), multiple myeloma.
Chantek, 39, American hybrid Sumatran/Borneon orangutan (Yerkes National Primate Research Center, UTC, Zoo Atlanta).
Jaroslav Klemeš (cs), 95, Czech brigadier general.
Gregorio Martínez Navarro (es), 75, Peruvian writer.
Haruo Nakajima, 88, Japanese actor (Godzilla, Destroy All Monsters, Seven Samurai), pneumonia.
Richard O'Brien, 60, American television director (Fox News).
Salman bin Saad bin Abdullah bin Turki Al Saud, 26, Saudi prince, heart attack.
Sigmund Sobolewski, 94, Polish activist and Holocaust survivor, pneumonia.
Patsy Ticer, 82, American politician, member of the Virginia Senate (1996-2011) and Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia (1991-1996), complications from a fall.

Nicole Bricq, 70, French politician, Deputy (1997-2002), Senator (2004-2012, since 2014), Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (2012) and Foreign Trade (2012-2014), fall.
Víctor Manuel Cárdenas Morales (es), 65, Mexican poet.
Betty Cuthbert, 79, Australian Hall of Fame athlete, fourfold Olympic champion (1956 (3), 1964).
Darren Daulton, 55, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies, Florida Marlins), World Series champion (1997), glioblastoma.
Tim Homer, 43, New Zealand radio host.
Hinrich Lehmann-Grube, 84, German politician, Mayor of Leipzig (1990-1998), cancer.
Walter Levin, 92, German-born American violinist (LaSalle Quartet).
Dick Locher, 88, American cartoonist (Dick Tracy), Pulitzer Prize winner (1983), Parkinson's disease.
David Maslanka, 73, American composer, colon cancer.
Daniel McKinnon, 95, American ice hockey player, Olympic silver medalist (1956).
Kevin McNamara, 82, British politician, MP for Hull North (1966-1974, 1983-2005) and Hull Central (1974-1983), pancreatic cancer.
Jack Rabinovitch, 87, Canadian real estate developer (Trizec Properties) and philanthropist, founder of the Scotiabank Giller Prize, fall.
Martin Roth, 62, German museologist, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum (2011-2016).
Ernst Zündel, 78, German Holocaust denial publisher and pamphleteer (Samisdat Publishers).

Dame Helen Alexander, 60, British businesswoman, President of CBI (2009-2011), Chairwoman of PLA (2010-2015) and Chancellor of University of Southampton (since 2011).
Irina Berezhna, 36, Ukrainian politician, People's Deputy (2007-2014), traffic collision.
Ralph Biasi, 69, Brazilian politician, Mayor of Americana (1973-1977) and Minister for Science and Technology (1988-1989).
Lee Blakeley, 45, British opera and theatre director.
Joe Cilia, 79, Maltese footballer (Valletta, Rabat Ajax, national team).
Doug Insole, 91, English cricketer (Essex, England).
Christian Millau, 88, French food critic and author.
William S. Patout III, 84, American executive.
Marcelino Perelló Valls, 73, Mexican activist (Mexico 68) and journalist (Excélsior).
H. G. Rasool, 59, Indian writer.
George Bundy Smith, 79-80, American lawyer and judge.
Dionigi Tettamanzi, 83, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal, Archbishop of Milan (2002-2011), Genoa (1995-2002), and Ancona-Osimo (1989-1991).
Mark White, 77, American politician, Governor of Texas (1983–1987), heart attack.