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It is almost time for the kids to go back to school. It is a very exciting time for both parents and kids, but are you as prepared as you could be?

You can help yourself and help your kids with Mrs. Alphabet. Your child or even your whole class will have fun with reading, writing, phonics and math with lesson plans and resources provided with the tender, loving care and experience of Mrs. Alphabet!

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Clean Laffs (Mon-Wed-Fri)

Are you sick and tired of dirty jokes? Just for once would you like to hear some good, clean humor you can tell to the family around the dinner table? Clean Laffs to the rescue. Your editor, Joe, brings you plenty of giggles and laffs you won't have to feel guilty about. Plus he's charming, intelligent, good-looking and above all, modest.

In every issue you get his personal insights on life, love, and the successes and failures of living the American dream. If nothing else it will make you feel better about your own life! Just look for Clean Laffs under "Most Popular" at the top of the page.

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Animals Gone Funny (Weekly)

If you are an animal lover then we have the ezine for you. Once a week we'll share with you a very funny and most of the times cute video clip of animals. Plus, you get to rate just how good you thinks these clips are. Let Animals Gone Funny put a smile on your face!

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DVD Deals (Weekly)

Are you the kind of person who just has to own your favorite movies on DVD? If you're this kind of person you can keep up on all the best DVD deals with GopherCentral's cleverly titled DVD DEALS!

We've got all kinds of deals on your favorite DVDs, from classic movies and TV to great historic and music programs. We have hundreds of titles and every week we will highlight several of the newest and most popular that you can get at HUGE discounts!

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