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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hello Animal Lovers,

As I mentioned in an earlier issue, I went to Antarctica last year over Christmas. It was awesome, and of course I saw plenty of penguins. One of the more interesting ones were the Gentoos - the third largest of all penguins. We saw a few colonies and their babies look just like little fuzzballs.

Did you know they’re actually the fastest penguins? You can kind of tell, they look like they have a real sleek profile. Heres a fun little video learning more about these cool little birds.

Pleasant Watching,

Featured Video:
Gentoo Penguins
Gentoo penguins like to hunt for fish, krill, and squid! Learn more amazing facts about the Gentoo penguin in this video from National Geographic Kids.

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Last Weeks Video:
A Raven Speaks
Looks like it would make a cool (and foreboding) pet!

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