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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good morning crew,

Recently the wife bought a group of lessons at our local Arthur Murray studio (yes, they still exist). The lessons are for all of the for Latin-inspired dances like the salsa, the meringue and the marinara.

Last Saturday she took her first class and she asked me if I wanted to take it with her.

"I'd love to, Hon, but I injured my foot in class and it hurts to walk. I don't think I can handle 30 minutes of dipping, twisting and cha-cha-ing."

She was very understanding about it, and I really do want to be a part of what she's interested in, so I went with her and sat in the bar next door to the studio while she took her class.

So last night when I got home she asked me how my day was.

"The usual," I told her. "Went to work, went to class, and made an appearance at the gym."

"How was the gym?"

"Pretty good. Did my weights. Put in 20 minutes on the treadmill."

"What do you mean treadmill?" she asked. "I thought your foot is hurt."

"It is! It is! I ran on the other foot."

Laugh it up,


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"A college student in Pennsylvania is suing her school for the C+ she got in a class. She said, 'I'm suing whoever's responsible for this!' And her professor said, 'Don't you mean WHOMEVER?'" -Jimmy Fallon


"A recent report shows that pot smokers get into fewer car crashers than drunk people. Then again, it's easier to see what is coming when you're driving at 11 miles-an-hour." -Conan O'Brien


"A restaurant here in New York has started selling a so-called 'New Yorker milkshake' which comes topped with whipped cream and a slice of cheesecake. Which means the next topping you'll get is a coffin lid." -Seth Meyers


The party's host paid me a great compliment. "You are a good-looking woman," he said. "Honest--I've had only one beer."

My glow was only slightly dimmed when my husband interjected, "Imagine how great she'll look after two."

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes --------------*

I was at the customer-service desk, returning a pair of jeans that was too tight.

"Was anything wrong with them?" the clerk asked.

"Yes," I said. "They hurt my feelings."

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