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Where Are They Now (Fridays)

We lost a lot of celebrities last year. It makes you wonder what ever happened to those celebrities you remember from your favorite shows and movies when you were a kid. Whatever happened to Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame? What is I Dream of Jeanie's Barbara Eden up to these days? How about Desi Arnaz, Jr.? Or maybe Rick Springfield?

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Ol' Jethro may be a good ol' boy, but that don't mean he don't know how to use his computer. Every week he'll send you a bizarre, funny or strange picture, and then you get to send in the caption that'll appear next week. Jethro may not be that funny, but his subscribers sure are! Sign up for FREE and get the very next issue!

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If you like music you're going to love this newsletter. You'll be exposed to all kinds of music videos. Some you know, some you never knew existed. From mainstream rock, to alternatives, to classics and even classical. It's the most fun look at music since MTV used to actually play music videos! Subscribe for FREE today and find out what this weeks video is.

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