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Friday, June 23, 2017

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So maybe you just never thought about all of the exhaust pouring out of that oily, old lawnmower you've been pushing around your yard every weekend for years. But what is the solution? Do they make hybrid lawnmowers or maybe models equipped with catalytic converters?

No, but you can buy a lawnmower with zero emissions that will actually improve your health while you use it. You guessed it...reel mowers are making a comeback, and modern designs are easier to push and cut better than ever!

Scroll down to find out some of the advantages of cutting your lawn with a push mower.

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* If your house sits on a couple of acres and you maintain your lawn yourself you probably aren't going to use a push mower. However, if you are like the millions and millions of Americans who have a manageable yard in the range of three or four thousand square feet a push type mower is an excellent choice.

* Modern design reel mowers are not at all hard to push. Most models weigh around 17-20 pounds while power mowers weigh about fifty pounds or more. Yes, you are powering the blades yourself by pushing the mower, but the lighter weight offsets the difference.

* You can even add a grass catcher. However, you can safely leave the clippings on the lawn every other time you mow. They usually disappear in a day or two.

* How many calories will you burn using a push reel lawn mower? If you sat idle for one hour you would burn between 90 and 100 calories. One hour cutting your lawn with a push mower will burn over 300 calories.

* Zero emissions, no gas or oil to buy, no motor to repair and a great workout. You can buy a reel mower for $100 to $200 depending on the make and model.