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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A stolen toe used in cocktails returned to Canadian hotel with apology.

A thief who stole a mummified toe used in a Canadian hotel's signature cocktail returned the bizarre ingredient and offered an apology.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Yukon announced the "sour toe," used in the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City's "sourtoe cocktail," had been returned.

"On Tuesday afternoon Dawson City RCMP received a phone call from the alleged suspect, stating that he had placed the toe in the mail, addressed to the Downtown Hotel," police said. "The man then called the Downtown Hotel and provided the same message to staff, along with a verbal apology."

The sour toe was first reported missing on Sunday, when staff at the hotel's Sourdough Saloon said a man from Quebec with a French accent bragged about plans to steal the toe before it disappeared.

Hotel manager Geri Coulbourn said the bar had back-up toes, but the one that was stolen had been cured in salt for six months after it was recently donated by a man who had it surgically removed.

Police said the hotel received a package and RCMP Cpl. Jeff Myke was present to ensure it was safe to open.

"Located inside the package was an apology letter, as well as the stolen toe," police said. "At the time that the package was opened, the toe was believed to be in good condition."

No charges are expected to be filed in the case. The hotel's policy states anyone guilty for stealing a sour toe will be fined up to $2,500, but management previously stated the fine would be waived if the toe was returned safely.


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*- Some People Take Their Nachos Very Seriously -*

A customer angered over nachos at Roberto's Taco Shop in Las Vegas reportedly began stabbing employees, police said. Marcos Mendiola, 40, sits in a University Medical Center of Southern Nevada hospital bed, wondering how an argument over carne asada and chicken nacho toppings caused a vicious stabbing spree. Two of his coworkers had their arms slashed. The Roberto's Taco Shop cook took 14 stabs: seven to the stomach, four to the back, two to the head, and one to the arm. "He and two other employees were working at around 11:30 last night at the restaurant and that's when two young Hispanic men walked in demanding meat and chicken on their nachos," recalled Mendiola. "The cashier told them they could have one or the other but not both per company policy. The men then got angry and went into the kitchen." Mendiola says one of the men asked if he wanted to fight him. After the first suspect took a swing, another man came from behind and started stabbing Mendiola. A woman was also involved. Mendiola hopes the people who almost took his life are caught soon before they do this again. "They need to find them because it's not right for this to happen."


*----------- 2-Year-Old Saved by Cow -----------*

A 2-year-old Massachusetts boy's fall out of a second story window may have been much scarier had the toddler not been clutching a large, stuffed cow, police said. The boy was jumping on his bed in Chelsea on Wednesday afternoon when he accidentally fell out of a window, the Boston Globe reported. The boy dropped about 16 feet onto concrete, but landed on the large, stuffed cow he was holding at the time. Chelsea's Deputy Fire Chief, John Quatieri, told the Globe that the boy "could easily have broken bones or been very seriously injured." The boy was hospitalized overnight, but only to keep him monitored, said Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

LEWIS; Actually in our far from perfect messed up judicial system our judges whose decisions can lead to disastrous results have immunity from criminal prosecution. -R.S.
[I guess, then, we'll have to rely on persecution.]

Just goes to show, Lewis. Practice safe sex; get a silicone doll. -David

Of course you're going to hide a gun in a toy box. That's the last place a cop is gonna look! But if you're going to do that you gotta teach those kids to keep their damn hands out of there. Or at least teach them proper firearm safety.

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