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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hello Music lovers,

So I spent last week in Hawaii on my honeymoon! (Thank you) and wouldnt you know it? I had to get myself a ukulele when I got back! I looked around at some of the nicest ones they had in the shops but boy were they expensive. I bought a cheaper one here so that I could take some of my favorite songs and translate them!

Looking up some interesting covers has been a blast so far, and of course the only thing I can play so far is Somewhere Over the Rainbow. While looking around, I saw this awesome clip of a guy who invented his own instrument: the kazookeylele. Yes, thats a kazoo, piano keyboard, and ukulele all put together.

This guy known as Pockets eventually got some fame on Britains Got Talent, but he started off with this cover of a classic 80s song by Europe. Its The Final Countdown!

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
The Final Countdown on Kazookeylele
Europe's 80s classic gets a makeover with homemade instrument called a Kazookeylele. A Ukulele, Kazoo, Piano combination.

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Last Weeks Video:
2Cellos - Game of Thrones Medley
Heres a live medley of Game of Thrones songs performed by 2Cellos and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

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