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Phunny Pictures - June 10, 2017

Howdy Folks,

Man, Oh man, is it hot outside!

The tempitcher has been really high latelee and that got me thinkin...Maybe i should cut my hair and beard for a little heat relief? Well, I did just that.

I went to the ol' barber shop and had my buddy Gus trim up my doo. My long locks got lopped off and to my beard he said, "Be Gone!" I look like a whole new, cooler guy.

I look so different that the wife has tazed, clocked and pepper sprayed me quite a few times in the last week or so. I guess its gonna take sum time to get used two.

Now with the swollen eye and fat lip I look even more different. I'm worried what shes gonna do to me now!

Take Care Y'all

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Stare them right in the eyes, son. Show them who's boss!

Have you seen my baby?

The Great Australian Stare-Off begins!


And where were you on the night in question? Hmmm?

You'll blink first, I guarantee it!

No, I don't have two heads!

Whoa - somebody had a eucalyptus martini with lunch.

We've got your back.

Here's four eyes looking at you 4 eyes!

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