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May 26, 2017

Hello Everyone!

10dollarsMany of you will be grilling over this holiday weekend, so let's start off today's hints with a grilling tip...

When grilling meats, it is usually best to turn the meat only once. When grilling meat to a medium or greater doneness, use the lid to assist in cooking. This will decrease the cooking time by applying heat to all sides of the meat at once.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Handy Hints Holly
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Handy Hint #1

Get the Best Consumer Protections by Paying With a Credit Card

But keep your balances and finance charges in check by making payment in full each month. If you regularly carry a balance, use the lowest-rate card you can find for purchases. Consider taking advantage of low or zero percent balance-transfer offers that some card issuers have promoted recently, and pay off the balance before the rate goes up after the introductory period.

Handy Hint #2

Tap water tastes funny to you? Install a water filter on your sink at home. A faucet mounted water filter can be as cheap as $40 and will remove 96-99 percent of chlorine, 92-99 percent of lead, and between 95-99 percent of at least a half dozen other chemicals and impurities from your tap water. And you will be paying pennies for a bottle versus a dollar-fifty or two dollars at the store!

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