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May 23, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Having trouble cleaning under your appliances? Instead of picking them up and moving them and then putting them back (which can be a pain if they are heavy or awkward), you can clean under them using a stick. How? Pull an old sock over the stick, and then run it underneath. You don't even have to lift the appliance at all!

Handy Hints Holly
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Handy Hint #1

Did you know you can remove marks on wood furniture using a walnut? Cut it in half and rub it into the scratch. Don’t have a walnut? Pecans, Brazil nuts and almonds all work fine. After you rub the nut across the furniture, rub the area with your fingers. This will help the oils from the nut soak into the surface of the wood. Buff it up with a cloth, and you’re set.

Handy Hint #2

Corral your cords. If your media center has a lot of screens, projectors, consoles, and other technology, take the time to bundle your cords together and tape them out of the way. Concealing surge protectors inside shoe boxes (cut holes for the wire) is a great way to get things looking neater, and it also prevents the surge protectors from accumulating dust. Label your wires with tags and you will find them much easier to manage as well.