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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A group of Ohio high school students are going viral after allowing themselves to be blasted in the face with pepper spray by their teacher.

The video shows the Criminal Science students at Barberton High School lined up against a wall outside the school.

The students' instructor walks down the line, doing something we've all wanted to do at one point or another, shooting the teenagers in the face with pepper spray while saying, "Stop resisting, please comply."

Some students initially take the pepper spray blast better than others, but in a matter of seconds virtually all of the students are jumping around and screaming in pain.

"My son is in a 2 year Criminal Science program at School. They had the choice to be half-sprayed or fully-sprayed, he chose full. This was the result," the filmer wrote.

A waiver form for the students and their parents shows the extra-credit project was voluntary.

"Each student will have the option to be swabbed or receive a quick 'burst' to the facial area with this chemical agent," the waiver form states. It says the spray causes "irritation and a burning sensation to eyes and nasal area" for about an hour.

"This is a controlled and safe experience for the students and is completely voluntary," the waiver says.


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*----- Woman Sued for Texting During Date -----*

A man decided to file a lawsuit against his rude date for excessive use of her cell phone while watching a movie, according to court documents in Texas. According to the lawsuit filed with the Travis County small claims court, the 35-year-old woman who was identified as Crystal, accompanied 37-year-old Brandon Vezmar of Austin, to a movie as part of their first date. After the movie began, Crystal activated her phone about 20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages, which is in direct violation of the theater's policy. This activity adversely affected the viewing experience of Vezmar and others. Upon being asked to stop texting, Crystal left the theater and did not return. Vezmar later asked Crystal to give him back the money he spent on the date, but she refused. Vezmar is seeking $17.31 in compensation for Crystal's movie ticket and slice of pizza. Vezmar told the court that Crystal's behavior is a threat to civilized society. I'd agree with that.


*----- It's Official: Danish Beer is Piss -----*

People were surprised to learn that a beer they were tasting was made using human urine. Norrebro Bryghus, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, said that they decided to use human urine as the company switched to organic. The CEO of Norrebro Bryghus, Henrik Vang, said that the company collected 13,000 gallons of human urine waste form the toilets of the largest music festival in Europe. The company then used the waste in the malting process. The human urine that the company had collected was enough to produce 60,000 bottles of beer. The company named the beer “Pisner.” Other organic beer brewers use animal manure in the malting process while traditional companies use factory-made fertilizer. Vang said that Pisner fits in perfectly with the new trend of producing recyclable beer. At first, people cringed at the idea of drinking a beer that was made using human urine, but eventually, they came around. One man who tasted the beer, said that the drink tasted fresh and full at the same time.

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Good thing Bill and Monica didn't do it in a McDonald's. With him saying what's your definition of sex and I never had sex with her. -Keith

Didn't the undercover inspectors at the Nashville church hear all the people yelling 'OH GOD....OH....OH GOD'?

That McDonalds sex incident happened in the neighboring town to me. I wonder if he got that off the dollar menu?

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