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Phunny Pictures - April 29, 2017

Howdy Folks,

The wife and I finally made the decision too get sum new furnishins for the trailer.

We have always had the best furniture that any warehouse fire had to offer. But the years haven't bean kind to our table, chairs, love seat, couch, cabinets, dressers, drapes, carpeting, stools, bed and many other things we sit on or eat food off of of.

Now that the kids are older and have finnished up destroyin just about all of the furnishins we have at the present, we started to make a few purchases.

We started with a bed. We picked the bed first cause the wife and I got tired of sleeping on that pesky pool table.

My wife always woke up with the 8 ball in the small of her back and I had my left foot in the corner pocket. That's bad cuz I didnt call it first.

Take Care Y'all

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