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Looking Good - April 3, 2017

*-- How To Make Your Feet Soft --*

1. If you have problem of calluses or cracked heels, then apply a heavy weight moisturizing cream after bath each day or at night before going to bed.

2. Take a dirt cleaning needle for feet or you can also use the opposite end of a black head remover to clean all the dirt from the sides of toe nails, especially the thumbs. Be very careful not to prick inside your nails. You can also use pointed end of a stainless steel nail buffer. Avoid rusted dirt cleaning needles and always use clean and stainless steel ones. This protects you from any sort of fungal infections.

3. Scrape and remove hangnails or dead hanging skins from sides with the help of a cuticle remover. Just swipe carefully over the hanging skin in the opposite direction. You are not necessarily pushing the cuticles here. I personally do not prefer pushing cuticles back( that's my choice), but I do scrape the hanging skins.

4. If you have cracked feet throughout the year, use a heavy layer of creams like Nivea or crack cream. You can also apply warm olive oil on your feet before going to bed and wear a cotton sock .

5. Trim toenails at least once every 2 weeks. Wearing long toe nails isn't very hygienic, stylish or even safe. If they get too long, dirt will accumulate in them. Besides there is also a possibility of them breaking and coming off with live skin.

6. Buff toenails as and when you can , they r your feet , they carry you around all throughout your life , so while buffing your finger nails next time, don't forget to buff and shine your toes nails too.

7. If your feet sweats and gives out smell or you have to wear shoes to work which do not allow air to flow, dab on some talcum powder inside the shoes (if wearing shoes on bare feet) or puff on your feet's underside (if wearing a sock). This will absorb the sweat and get rid of the stench as well. You can also rub 2 drops of pure sandal wood, lavender or chamomile oil on your feet before putting on your shoes.

8. If you are someone who wears shoes or sandals for long hours, then you must occasionally soak your feet antibacterial liquid made by dropping 4 drops of anti septic liquid into water. Follow this with cleansing your feet with an antibacterial soap.


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