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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Feminism is responsible for the advancement of a lot of the rights that women take for granted today. How would you feel if, as a woman, you couldn't vote, or didn't have equal rights as a man get an education, to divorce, or to own property?

Or if you had to leave your home or place of work and go someplace by yourself every time you got your period?

This last indignity is not even a long-gone relic of the seventeenth or eighteenth century.

Even though it is against the law, this type of social ostracization is still commonly practiced in many parts of more traditional (some might say 'less developed') countries like Nepal and India.

But in the socially forward west the idea is laughable. Isn't it?

Italy wants to pass a law that would force companies to pay female employees to go the hell home when they are on their periods.

They're calling it "menstrual leave" and women who feel like they can't handle the stress of their 'monthlies' can announce to their boss and all of their co-workers that they are riding the cotton pony by taking up to three paid days off every month.

Talk about blood money.

I guess there is a certain continuity to it. In the archaic past menstruating women were shunned. Eventually menstruation became merely embarrassing. Then feminism came along and it was celebrated.

Now we have come full circle and the post feminist agenda wants to pay women who are menstruating to go away.

Would this really empower women? If this 'benefit' were available would you take advantage of it?

What I want to know is; how many paid days off a month do I get for my recurring priapism?


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*------ Grabher? I Hardly Even Know Her. ------*

A Nova Scotia man said the province revoked his personalized license plate because his unusual family name, Grabher, was dubbed "socially unacceptable." Lorne Grabher said he has no problem getting a "GRABHER" license plate for his father in 1991, but in December he received a letter from the Nova Scotia Registrar of Motor Vehicles saying his own vanity plate was being revoked after a complaint. He said the letter branded his license plate "socially unacceptable" because it can be read as "grab her," which could be seen as promoting violence against women. "Where does the Province of Nova Scotia and this government have a person with that kind of power to discriminate against my name?" Grab her told local news. He wondered whether the objections to his plate stemmed from the infamous recording released during last year's U.S. presidential election, featuring Donald Trump using the phrase "grab her" in a vulgar fashion. He said he shouldn't be punished for the now-president's actions.


*- Virginia Police Arrest Sword-Carrying Joker -*

Police in Virginia said they arrested a man dressed as Batman villain The Joker after receiving several calls about him walking around with a sword. The Winchester Police Department said it received several calls about 2 p.m. Friday about a "suspicious male" dressed as The Joker walking along city roads while wearing a black cape and carrying a sword. Apparently Batman has never been popular in Winchester as The Joker has never worn a cape or used a sword. Nevertheless, 31-year-old Jeremy Putman was arrested and charged with wearing a mask in public. It is odd that he was charged with wearing a mask in public and not carrying a weapon, but the police reminded the public in a Facebook post about the arrest, "Please remember -- it is a Felony to wear a mask or cover your face in public."

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A snake massage sounds so good. Might even be something to
get all choked up about.

Lewis, imagine that Dresden haar salon massage expanding with a guy from India, a flute, and a contract to catch rats in Hamlin. One benefit of a python treatment is an end to those yapping toy poodles. And think of the possibility if the belly defense guy got a python to do his "treatment". -James

Hi Louis, I think the US is quite right to stick to imperial measurement units, and so do some of my UK old fart friends. I've been living with the Canadian metric system since I came here 43 years ago, and still I have to calculate Fahrenheit from Celsius, and miles from kilometers etc. in order to really understand what the figures really mean [mind you, I've become a very fast converter, so it's probably healthy mental exercise!]. -Colin

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