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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Greetings Laff Lovers,

My wife asked me to rent 'Scent of a Woman' the other day.

She hit me when I ordered 'Fish Called Wanda' from OnDemand.



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"Scientists have discovered that men are genetically programed to look at other women. So sorry, ladies, it's science. I've got to do what I've got to do." -Conan O'Brien

My wife asked me, "When you're on a boys only trip away, do you think about me?"

Apparently "Only to stop myself from cuming too quickly" wasn't the right answer.

"Florida police arrested a woman this weekend in a storage unit facility after she had assaulted her husband during an argument over which sex position is best. She had argued for missionary, while he had argued for 'in a storage facility.'" -Seth Meyers

One day a boy comes home from school and says, "Dad I need to know the meaning of hypothetically and realistically for school."

The father replies, "OK, go ask your mother if she would sleep with a strange man for 1 million dollars."

So the little boy goes and asks and sure enough she says yes.

His dad says, "Now go ask your sister if she would sleep with a strange man for a million dollars."

He does and sure enough she says yes.

So the father says, "You see son, hypothetically we are sitting on 2 million bucks, but realistically we are living with a couple of whores."

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